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Course Notes 9/30/10

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 -Grading: Relationship to getting lost.

              Numeric value might give students a sense of place in curriculum

Link: "The Anosagnosic's Dilemma"


              "not very good at not knowing what we don't know"

-Discussion on 2nd Half of Course:

             Post in course forum a proposal for the rest of the semester, an "Independent Study Program".  Think about what you do not already know.

-Discussion on Arne Naess

              We all meet a different Arne Naess.

              p. 61- "getting out of yourself" vs. "impossible to escape from oneself"

              -get rid of environment

              p. 77 organism

              p. 310 not us in an environment, idea of oneness

One student voiced concerns about being to what to think, and that Naess' values are to removed from reality

             -the elusive "Theory of Everything"

p.182 Ghandi

            -tendentious, it is impossible to be unbiased


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