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Appiah asks us to live together...

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Appiah asks us to live together, to familiarize, to understand. We don't have to agree and we don't need to reach a consensus. We just need to appreciate the thoughts and motivations of another perspective.

Talking about "The Path to Paradise" make me think about a graphic narrative by Joe Sacco, a journalist/cartoonist who started illustrating his projects and pieces because he found journalist work less engaging.

His book, Palestine, is essentially an illustrated report of his interactions and understandings, his "living together" with Palestinians in December 1991 and January 1992. While certainly not objective, because no information digested through a person raised in a particular way, coming from a certain culture is going to be, Sacco's experience and resulting graphic travelogue give a new understanding and familiarization for a country and a people that we don't necessarily hear about.

He follows certain individuals and does interviews as well, illustrating the experiences that his subjects talk about.

The work is often startlingly realistic, at least as real as an illustration gets... 



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