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not sure

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... so what's "real" is emotion and reaction rather than a factual, researched piece of literature (assuming that a map is a form of nonfiction), and reality is defined by the individual and their experiences. I'm not sure if I find that notion refreshing or unsettling.



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Mapped by experience

 I really like this image, and while I don't agree 100% with the wording it got me thinking about the links between maps, emotions, and experiences. I can point to a map and say, "I have been to Paris, DC, and Portland," but how interesting is that? I would much rather remember the amazing crepe cafe in Paris where I ate the best goat cheese I've ever had in my life, riding the DC subway, and waiting in line on a sunny morning at Voodoo Donuts in Portland. Anyone can point to a dot on the map and say "I've been there." But what does that mean if you can't remember what you did there or how it felt?

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