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Brain, Science, and Inquiry Based Education 2010: Schedule

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Brain, Science, and Inquiry-Based Education
K-12 Summer Institute 2010





Monday, 12 July

Education, inquiry, and conversation

Reading: Science as Story Telling and Story Revision

Co-construction in classroom/public
Tuesday, 13 July

Science and empirical inquiry

Reading: Culture as Disability

Rain delay rescheduling
Wednesday, 14 July

Science/empirical inquiry, con.

Intro to the brain

Reading: How People Learn, Chapter 1

Inquiring empirically into evolution, Exploring diversity and emergence, project time
Thursday, 15 July Evolution, con; The brain, con. Projects time
Friday, 16 July The brain: tying the threads together Reflections from week 1
Monday, 19 July The brain and education: an empirical loop
Reflecting on reflections
Tuesday, 20 July The brain and education: intra and interpersonal loops The objective of education?; Alice Lesnick
Wednesday, 21 July

A case study: Regulation of human heart rate; Ingrid Waldron

Project time
Thursday, 22 July A case study: Dimensions of taste: making the unconscious conscious; Wil Franklin Project time
Friday, 23 July The brain and education: interpersonal and cultural loops Project time
Monday, 26 July A case study: Modelling Pattern Development in Butterfly Wings; Greg Davis  Project time
Tuesday, 27 July A case study: Stories of electron shielding; Paul Burgmayer  Project time
Wednesday, 28 July A case study: Modelling, when did the cougar die; Rebecca Vandiver  Project time
Thursday, 29 July

Mini co-constructive conversations I

  • Susan - Changing the story
  • Jessica - Learning from babies
  • Jack - Moisture and worms
  • Kate - Doodling and day dreaming
  Project time
Friday, 30 July  

Mini co-constructive conversations II

  • Keith - Dual coding
  • Regina - The fifth loop
  Reflection, assessment, moving on ...



Keith Sgrillo's picture

Hello ALL

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.  I have been trying some of your ideas this year and many have been great. Especially the Sumi-e.  The kids absolutely loved it and it was/is a great bonding experience.  I have also been using the co-constructive model in the classroom and the kids have really enjoyed it.  They even made comments like "Wow!  None of our other teachers ever let us just talk about what we were thinking when we read that."  and the like.  Hope all is going well and thanks for all the great ideas. 

Wil Franklin's picture


I've been hitting the dialogue/conversation theme very hard in my courses as well and to great enthusiasm. A little resistance too, from students that really expect a very linear versus loopy style of science.  Great hearing from you.

Keith Sgrillo's picture

Hey Will,How is everything

Hey Will,

How is everything going. Sounds like your students are trying to make the adjustment.  It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall to see how they are handling it.  Anyway, I e-mailed Paul but wasn't sure of your's (I hope he passes it along or emails me your's), but we are having career day on January 20th and was hoping maybe you could be a part of it and discuss what a biologist is.  You can do it from any angle you wish, we have had some really cool activities and demonstrations in the past that people have done. So, if you can that would be great.  If you know of anyone who would also like to participate please pass on the word.  We would love to take anyone.  Thanks.




My email is

Kim 's picture

Thank you for checking in. It

Thank you for checking in. It is great hearing from someone. It has been a busy year for me. lots going on. getting my book club off the ground. our first book is Tumbling. Glad to hear that all of the things that your are trying are working out so well. take care

Jessica Watkins's picture


Hello, Keith! I'm so glad your school year has been successful and that our ideas are being put to use. What grade are you teaching this year?

Keith Sgrillo's picture

Still doing the fourth grade

Still doing the fourth grade thing. And loving it. Big class though.  Twenty-nine in my regular subjects, anywhere from 31-32 during science. Make hands on inquiry based science tough when the room isn't designed for it. But the kids love all worth it.


How about you?  How is everything?

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