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Dearest Bi-Co: Read with an open mind and heart

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Froshling adjusting

It's been such a pleasure, this week, for me to read pieces composed by you and your classmates that speak (more directly than your academic essays have done) both to-and-from open hearts and minds. The most poignant bit for me here is the call @ the end for all of us "not to be afraid to admit that we need help." This, too, was the theme of all of Judy Butler's talks here in November--that we all have precarious lives, and that that precarity can be the basis of our  affiliation- and alliance-building.

The contrast you develop between long-term "resume builders” and short term “resume fillers” was intriguing to me; so, too, was your claim that class presents itself in the kind of internships and jobs people can get --this is a challenge that the College has been working to address, and needs to keep working on. And then there are a couple of surprises here for me: that the social  honor code prohibits you from discussing class and your financial situations? that class determines what kind of college you attend? I'd like to hear more--

and issue that invitation with an open heart and mind.