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Stem Cells Cure Blindness

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The Controversy

Earlier this November, scientists from the University College London Institutes of Ophthalmology and Child Health and Moorfields Eye Hospital were able to restore vision to blind lab mice. This scientific breakthrough signifies that millions of people with optical conditions such as macular degeneration (loss of sight experienced by the elderly), diabetic retinopathy, and a variety of other forms of blindness could be able to regain sight through a remarkably simple procedure. However, the fact that the procedure requires stem cells from foetuses—currently viewed as a highly controversial method by many politicians—has prevented this procedure from becoming more publicized in the U.S. (1).

The Breakthrough

Researchers have identified certain cells on the margin of adult retinas that are similar to stem cells. Additionally, retinal cell replacement may be the most effective method of "cell transplant therapy because photoreceptor loss initially leaves the rest of the wiring to the brain intact” (1). In other words, major surgical reconstruction is not necessary. Any surgical procedure would only involve the superficial layer of the retina and not the particularly sensitive optic nerve wiring at the back of the eye. However, in order to attain human retinal cells at the necessary stage of development, stem cells would need to be extracted from a foetus during the second trimester of pregnancy (1). Because stem cells are able to proliferate and develop into many other types of cells within the human body, they can be extracted from any part of the foetus. However, the timing is imperative if the procedure is to work.

Three Blind Mice… See How the Procedure Works...

1. Early stage retinal stem cells were extracted from a 3 to 5 day old newborn mouse (1).

2. The retinal cells were transplanted onto the retinal surface of a blind mouse whose condition was genetically programmed to resemble the gradual loss of sight characteristic to the human disease retinitis pigmentosa or age-related macular degeneration (1).

3. The cells embed themselves and connected with other cells on the retina of blind mouse. Within 30 minutes the photoreceptors from the retinal stem cells implanted themselves and fused electrical connections with the animals' existing retinal nerve cells (3). As a result, the formerly blind mice's pupils began to respond to light and there was activity in the optic nerve (indicating that the eye was transmitting signals to the brain) (1).

Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye: Photoreceptors

The retina (around 0.5 mm thick) lines the back of the eye. It is lined with a network vascular blood vessels and neurons that gradually channel towards the optic nerve which contains the ganglion cell axons that connect the ganglion cells to the brain. The ganglion cells—the neurons of the retina that transmit images to the brain—are located in the innermost region of the retina and extend toward the lens, or anterior portion of the eye (2). The photoreceptors—the rod and cone shaped cells—are situated toward the outermost portion of the retina and are closer to the back of the eye (5). As a result, light must penetrate the nerve cells within the retina before reaching and activating the rods and cones. Once reached, the rods and cones absorb photons through their visual pigments and translate the photons into a biochemical message and then into an electrical message that stimulates all of the succeeding neurons of the retina. Consequently, “the retinal message concerning the photic input and some preliminary organization of the visual image into several forms of sensation are transmitted to the brain [by] the spiking discharge pattern of the ganglion cells” (2). From then on the brain is responsible for identifying, processing and interpreting the visual image (2).

Candidates for retinal cell replacement surgery must have some retinal cone and rod photoreceptors intact (1) . The retinal cell replacement surgery primarily serves to repair the nerve synapses in the retina, the macula lutea, and the fovea. The surgery cannot generate new photoreceptors.

The surgery mainly repairs the macula and the fovea. The macula functions as a short wavelength filter while the fovea, characterized by a dark circular area towards the back of the eye, is considered to be the most vital portion of the retina. Like the lens, it functions as “a protective mechanisms for avoiding bright light and especially ultraviolet irradiation damage” (2). The fovea is entirely composed of a mosaic cone photoreceptors that are arranged in a hexagonal structure. Outside of the foveal pit, the density of cone photoreceptors becomes increasingly more balanced with that of rod photoreceptors. There is a peak in the density of rod photoreceptors at about 4.5mm (or 18 degrees) from the foveal pit where the rod photoreceptors arrange themselves in a ring around the fovea (5). (Naturally, the optic nerve (the blindspot) is entirely free of photoreceptors) (5). If the macula or fovea cones are damaged (as happens gradually over many years), instant blindness results (2). However, macular degeneration could be easily remedied since stem cells take only about half an hour to develop into photoreceptors.

Repairing the Cornea

In August of 2003, Mike May, a Californian man who had been left blind for 40 years as the result of an accident that happened when he was three years old had his vision restored. Though the vision in his left eye was permanently lost, he could still sense light with his right eye. Researchers implanted corneal and limbal stem cells into his right eye. Five months after the surgery, May was able to sense movements and recognize simple shapes. After two years, he was able to see forms, color, and motion nearly accurately. His 3D perception and face and object recognition remained impaired, though his ability to sense motion was the best restored visual faculty (4).

Like photoreceptors, the cornea is responsible for channelling light through the eye's surface. The corneal surface refracts to provide 2/3 of the eye's focusing power. he corneal surface is entirely transparent and not lined with blood vessels, so the uniformity of cells may contribute to its ability to regenerate more rapidly than other cells in the human body. On the other hand, it is extremely sensitive. There are more nerve endings on the cornea than anywhere else on the human body (6). The cells that compose the layers of the cornea are found to regenerate at a rapid pace, though less rapid than photoreceptor cells. Again, a simple surgical procedure, most of which is processed by human mechanisms, could restore sight to millions of people if only the procedure were to be legalized.


Anatomy of the Eye

courtesy of U.S. National Library of Medicine

(1) "Cell transplants 'restore sight.'" BBC International News Online. (

(2) Simple Anatomy of the Retina. (

(3) "Cell Transplants Restore Vision in Mice." Live Science. (

(4) "Cell Transplant Restores Vision." BBC International News Online. (

(5) Photoreceptors. (

(6) "Cornea." Eye Anatomy. (


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Stem Cells

This woman was at the hospital at the same time as Frank.
I want to send you all my e mail adress but It wont work here because we should not advertise

Hello guys,

Well, has it really been 3 months and 1 week since we came home, WOW WOW WOW and WOW! Well, I am doing pretty well. I had my tests the other day in Dublin and I have my visual fields and visual acuity check this wednesday so I will update when I get results.

Since my last post my left and right eye are now at around 5 meters!! Big difference from 1 meter??!! I notice a lot more little things like I could see the goal posts at a match last week and every day things. My improvements have slowed down a lot, maybe its because when i first cam home i was seeing everything for the first time! But I am still thrilled as I have gained 4 meters of sight this year, something I thought would never happen.

Other then that I am keeping really well, still smiling and enjoying watching the world cup!! Its strange watching soccer properly!! the players all have legs and all :)

Anyway, I will be sure to let ye know how my results go and please keep me in yere thoughts and prayers! There working!!

Lots of love and enjoy the world cup 2010!!

Lots of irish hugs and kisses


Add comment June 14th, 2010
1 Month home….

Hi there,

I cant believe we are home 4 weeks already. The time flew. It feels almost like a dream that we were even there!! Everything is going really well. I have noticed a few improvements since my last post. Little things really, like shopping, I can make out clothes sizes, on certain items, my finger counting has improved amazingly!! I watched a hurling match on my tv and I could actually make out the 2 different teams!! I even knew no 15 jersey!! Its almost as if my little jigsaw pieces are fewer.

I know I have a long way to go but hopefully I will get there. I am continuing my accupuncture, herbs etc and I really hope they help. Someday I WILL drive…..

Thanks for helping me through the past few months.

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My dad has suffered from glaucoma many years ago and now his eyes are blind. I would like to know if this will help.


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My reply to those doctors who are ignorant of Knowledge


Yes I have proof that it works. Field of vision tests, EEG tests Also there are thousands of Testements from patients
at the clinic just read them.

I have a Ma sci and have been very critical of stem cell treatmens
Therefore I have had my son tested on a regular basis by a criticly known specialist and it did work.

My son is not cured , he has a Gene defect which produces a defect protien that kills stems and cones.
However it seems tha some of these stems and cones have been regenerated.

Of course there are many sceptics out there but tell me were is your proof that it doe's not work.
I have seen it work. Were do these doctors get their info from they only want to protect their esteem by makeing immportant statements without any knowledge of what stem cells are and what they are doing also who is useing them and what sucess rate do they have. do they use Multy or pluri or what about progenics are these cells retrobulbar or Intrvitreal injected.
Any doctors reading this do not comment unless you know what your talking about because you are just takeing away hope from people with you white coat wisdom and arogant ignorance, you should be ashamed.

Its simple , Franks was diognosed with Rp at the age of 4 he has had hundreds of tests untill he was
finally classed as Blind with 22 he recieved a blind persons pention at the age of 21.

All doctors I spoke to said sorry but all we can do is buy him a white stick.
Then Beike in china said thats all rubish ofcourse you can inject adult stem cells close to the retina
and expect that they will migrate to the damaged area but they also said each individuell is different
and therefore the effect will not allways be the same.

If you are a real doctor then you know about multypotent stem cells and what they do.
They migrate to the damaged areas in the body and reegenerat dammaged cells.

I have all the tests here, before and after results



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Hi. My son was born with bilateral coloboma, and the gaps in his eyes affect a large portion of the macula and optic nerve. They cannot see any macula in either eye, but he can see about 20/200 at best (he is only 2, so they it is an estimate using teller cards), so the doctors think that he must have some macula on the fringes of the colobomas. Is there any chance that stem cell therapy would help to improve his acuity?

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cone cell dystrophy

Hi all,

Could anyone help me in getting details about stem cell treatment? My friend got diagonsed with " Cone cell dystrophy ", and he is surviving with that for the past 26 yrs, struggling in each step in his life.could anyone help me on this. As doctors have reported that, he might lose his vision slowly, by 30.


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Peripheral Vision Loss and Visual Obscurations

A few months ago, in a matter of about 2 weeks, I nearly lost all of my vision while I and several doctors thought I was having a migraine resulting from a miscarriage. I was diagnosed with a disease called ideopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), sometimes known as pseudotumor cerebri (PTC), a disease in which too much cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is created and builds up in the nervous system, putting pressure on the brain, spine, optic nerve, etc.--essentially, any part of the nervous system that is surrounded by and "protected" by CSF. Finally, I was diagnosed with IIH/PTC, and I had to undergo optic nerve sheath fenestration (ONSF) on both eyes to relieve the excess pressure. As a result of getting the disease under control and having the ONSF done, my visual acuity is nearly as good as it was before, but I have lost basically all of my peripheral vision and have what are called transient visual obscurations--basically, "clouds" in my vision.

Is this loss of peripheral vision and this presence of "obscurations" something that could be treated by this research?

I would be incredibly grateful for any information you could provide, including contact information for researchers. I am currently writing a book about my experience and doing research into "treatment" options available for people.

Thank you very much.

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Greetings,Thank you for your

Thank you for your mail. My sympathies on your experience with IIH and what you have been through.
In terms of research for reasons of restoration of any lost vision, I will keep you posted. You can always reach me at and I will endeavour to answer any questions you have regarding researchh etc.
Because increases in pressure in the head can damage the brain and cranial nerves (eg, optic nerve), your eye itself may be perfectly normal, as you know. However, the optic nerve, which carries the nerve "fibres" from the eye to the brain could sustain the damage. Also, the visual part of the brain can also be damaged from increased pressure.
For simplicity's sake, let us assume that the damage was purely to the optic nerve.
There are some "stem cell" clinics offering stem cell injections in hopes of restoring function to the optic nerve. For example, I've noted some clinics offering this therapy for children born with conditions of the optic nerve.
Keep in mind that although there are clinics that offer this, it does not mean that it will work. I've written to a few clinics in regards to the outcomes and have received no formal reply with evidence, testimonials, etc.

I'm not saying that these treatments have no foundation. In fact, I am for stem cell therapies and think they are the answer to tissue regeneration.

However, if any clinic claims that they have had any fair degree of success with stem celss, they must prove this to the public in order to justify the high cost incurred by the patient with no guarantee of success.
As I've told people before, I believe stem cells are the answer, but the technology must be developed precisely. What I mean by this is that we need to find the mechanisms to "coax" the stem cell into changing into another cell type. Therefore, for your case, simply injecting stem cells into the immmediate area, or delivering them to the area via lumbar injection, etc., these cells may not change into the desired tissue.
Of course, it would be fantastic if they simply replaced the damaged tissue.
We need to be able to coax them, either by chemical means or by simply growing the tissue in a laboratory setting and implanting the newly grown tissue into the dmaged area.
Fetal stem cells offer excellent potential to do this - however government bans, protesting groups opposed to using fetal stem cells have made this venue of research more difficult to follow.
It is nice to know however, that some researchers have been granted permits to harvest fetal stem cell lines, so that they can be used for treating retinal conditions - this affects you, because if this is successful, they will most likely extend this research to optic nerve disease as well. Remember, they are offering optic nerve stem cell therapies at present - I am just personally skeptical on the efficacy of these treatements because I am being offered no evidence of patient success. But I believe techniques will soon be refined and this therapy will be successful - hopefully, very soon..
I hope this helps, and you have my email address now..
God bless,
Dr Ken James

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Hi We do not need fetel Stem


We do not need fetel Stem cells , My son has recived Adult stem cells taken from UmbilicalCord blood (on the 15.02.2010) and had has great improvements and no side effects.

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Bornholm Eye Disease

My son is now 18 and was born with Bornholm Eye Disease (BED) This was diagnosed by Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Due to the retinal damage he has low vision. So far I haven't found anyone who is doing research on this disease or knows of any stem cell research to replace these bad gene(s). Please contact me with any info to help us.

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My son Frank 22 , has recieved treatment in China Feb, 2010 and I have had him tested every month here in Germany
His sight has immproved by 100 % so far and continous to show more immprovments, I just can't believe it.



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its great news that your son has been treated and is improving ..its gods blessing
i would like to know what exactly your son was suffering from?
i would like to know the name of the hospital where your son was treated in china and i suffer from retinal pigmentosa so i would like to ask the doctor if i can be treated through stem cells it would be great if u could give me the name of the doctor and his phone number or his e mail address so i could get in touch with him

Esmail. gerami moghaddam

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Hello there and thank you for your mail.

As I collect data from any claim that stem cells are working THROUGH INJECTION, can you provide me with evidence of success for other patients such as.
I am always pleased if any clinics claims works. However, none of the clinics have responded to us in regards to providing evidence of success.
You would think that if a clinic had success, it would

so, if this claim is true, please - help the community and send me evidence at my email address

thank you, Dr Ken James

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E mail-

E mail-
please send all the info u can. Thank u so much.

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Hello Roaini and thank you for your mail.
I do not have a son, but I am a doctor and I am familiar with the pvocedure.
Please be careful about spending money for stem cell until you see people who were patients and can see completely. Email me at and I will look for hospitals that perform donor transplants, which are more successful for certain types of eye conditions.
Dr Ken James

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Hi Yes you are right we all


Yes you are right we all should be carefull I also have been ripped off in the past. However
my biggest source of pain is from the many hundreds of doctors who told me ' there is nothing that can be done , to buy my son a white stick !! This is not true , I swear by the lives of my children I have seen people being treated and helped by stem cell therapy. And also I have obtained evaluated tests by specialists here in Germany who confirm my sons improvements.



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homonymous hemianopsia due to VA

Please let me know if there is any treatment out there for homonymous hemianopsia. My brother got into accident 6 years ago, is now 42 and hoping that one day he will wake up with full vision, most of all, he could start his life again by being able to drive and go to work.

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legally blind

Hello my name is nicole and i'm 37 yrs of age i and legally blind due to undevelped optic nerves in my es yes when i was born. Do u think that there will ever be any kind of surgery in the furture that might help me. ?

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75 yrs old my mother diagnosed with Optic Nerve dryness

My mother who has gone through Cataract operation way back in 1977 has developed blurr vision in recent past then doctors adviced to go for Cornea transplantation and the same has been carried out at a renowed eye hospital at Madurai in India. But unfortunately vision has not been restored and when again we took our mother for follow check she has been told that her Optic nerve has gone dried and she will not get vision.
She is also a patient of Diabetes. I don't want my mother to remain blind for her rest of her life. Please anyone let me know the treatment and I'll make ensure that my mother should go through that treatment. I want my mothers vision back.


Manoj Kumar Ojha, UAE/INDIA

mary from brecksville, oh.Anonymous's picture

very interested

I have had retinitis pigmentosa for 47 years and would be willing to participate for the adult stem cell treatment. This procedure seems very promising. Any improvement would be worth a try.

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Disconnected Optic Nerves

I have an aunt who turned blind during the age of 11. She is now 48 years old. She was slowly losing visibility in one eye and then the other, and when her parents finally took her to get checked up, the doctors said it was too late and she would become blind completely. My aunt isn't so sure but she said her condition is due to disconnected optic nerves, though I'm not sure if they are disconnected from her eyeballs or the nervous system. Can stem cells help her condition?

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My husband was diagnosed of glaucoma when he was 27 and he did operation on one eye and in 1997 he can no longer see on both eyes. please can the stem cell help him regain his sight. please if it is possible reply me urgently.

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Cone & Rod Distrophy

Love all the comments on this board I thought I was the only one sometimes life is lonely when you can't relate to anyone. The research that has been acknowledged in this site is amazing I just hope this treatment is given a change and I would love to be in the clinical group.

My name is Casey 23 years onld, I have disappointed myself many times because I can't drive, read, or study like most people out there without some magnification.

I have alway wanted to know what is wrong with me no doctors in Melbourne or Perth can figure out what my Diagnoses is so they have called it C&R Dystrophy. I have 6/60 vison. I would love to have my vison back, I feel like I have been robbed and left behind feeling lonely.

I hope in my lifetime there is a cure or a doctor can Diagnose my vison so I have a chance to regain some vison that I miss the most.Good luck to the Doctors who have wrote this work it is advertising that this condition is common to many people out there.

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Hey There, I am sadened by

Hey There, I am sadened by your comments as i have Junior fovea macular dystrophy and i cannot study or read like other people either and i am 24! But i live life to the full and do not in anyway let it get me down, i use all magnifacation provided and any other usefull tool. There are many people out there that can see far less or even nothing! yes it sucks but you should really be greatfull for what you have got! There is still so much you can do!
Stay positive! Hopefully soon there will be a fix!

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Blindness Due to Accident

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Jessica, my father was in an accident about 8 months ago, resulting in severe rupture of the globes, and retinal tears. Will stem cells be able to repair the damage? If you have any information please contact me at the above e-mail address

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i have been blinded in an a

i have been blinded in an a attack got glass thrown in my eye and it caused a hernia behind my eye if you hear of anywhere that can help please will you let me know.

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optic nerve problem

My uncle who is 48yrs having blur & less vision in both the eyes since last 1 year doctors say it is due to dryness of optic nerve. Is there any cure through stem cell therapy? Kindly please let me know.

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Hydro-sephyllus (Please excuse the spelling)

At age 19, I was diagnosed with Aquaductal synosis which caused hydro-sephhyllus, which caused optic atropy. I lost most of my eyesight in my left eye and a good bit in my right. I was studying to become a pilot at the time. Now, not only can I not fly, I can't enjoy much of what I did in my youth. I am now 45 and it would be an absolute miracle to be able to see again, normally. What is the chance of that and how do I go about gettting more information?

 Maullood M. Shather's picture

my daughter with ROP

Dear Sir
I am writing you asking advice and help for my daughter " MASARRAH ".
To be brief, below is the outline of her complain:
1. Date of birth : November 23, 2007 durig car bombing in Baghdad.
2. Pregnancy age: 26 weeks
3. Body weight at birth : 1250 grams
4. Hospitalized in an incubator under oxygen for 55 days
5. During May, 2008, an eye specialist in Baghdad diagnosed the case of PREMATURITY RETINOPATHY with undetermined stage. He recommended immediate operations outside Iraq.
6. The difficulties in obtaining visa was behind the delay until August 15, 2008, when the first operation – left eye - was carried out in Damascus, Syria.
7. The 22nd of August, 2008, was the date of the second operation – right eye.
8. On the 17th of September, 2008, an ophthalmologist in Amman, Jordan, was consulted. His diagnosis was RETINAL DETACHMENT and FIBROSIS. The extent of the pathological changes were more in the left eye than in the right eye.
9. She still, as before operations, responds to intense light. She can recognize light and dark.
10. She is physically active and enjoys companion of the family members.

I do hope that you can help my daughter to see her dad and mom and find her way in life. Doctors in Austeria told me we can help your daughter but the coast very high.

With my best wishes and regards.

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I'm blind in my left eye due

I'm blind in my left eye due to surgery to remove a tumor probably at the age of 3, and have good vision in my right eye. I was just wondering if this treatment would work for me, if so how and where would I have to go to get it? Thanks

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Optic Atrophy and blindness

I've had my left optic nerve severed since the age of 3 due to a tumor on the left optic nerve, and have limited sight in my right eye. Is there a way that this treatment can help? If so, how, and where can I go to get the help I need? Thanks.

Mrt's picture

Hi Simmply yes, there are 20


Simmply yes, there are 20 patiants here about 5 of thease
have the same problem, after treatment they have fanstastic results.



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Terrence, How about an address and phone number?

Terrence, How about an address and phone number? I would appreciate if you can let me know the name of the doctor in China, the name of the clinic, the address and phone numbers where I can explore the chances of getting help for my brother. Thanks


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Stem Cells Research

My nephew has dead optical nerves (blind on one eye the other one almost blind), as far as I know when he was 1 month old he got powder milk contaminated and had a bacteria that went to his brain.. many doctors told us he won't survive but he did and we are happy and blessed for that, but just in case if anyone knows about any research to bring his sight back I will appreciate it. I know "Stem Cells" is one of it. Does anyone has any other comments about it? Thanks

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surgical injury to optic nerve

I had a craniotomy for optic aneurysms to my right eye back in Jul 09. The surgery left me with limnited vision in my right eye. Is ther any treatment or surgery that can or restore some omy vision??

Harbans Lal Sharma's picture

Accidental Blindness

A friend of mine lost vision of both eyes due to accidental consumption of methylated sipirit.Can he rgain eyesight by stem cell therapy?

Shan's picture

Retinal Dystrophy


My son aged 9 and a half years has retinal dystrophy. He complains of going completely blind in areas that are poorly lit at night. I believe this condition is also called "dark blindness". Can anyone please tell if regenerative medicine (stem cell treatment) can cure retinal dytrophy?


Dr. Z's picture


Hello Shan,
I do not do research in this area, but I do hear that at least in the USA, they are hopefully starting soon some studies for some retinal diseases to be treated with stem cells.
I had emailed some doctors who were listed in the study papers, and they stated they were still awaiting permission (FDA approval) to start recruiting patients.
The only disease they are studying right now is Stargardts Disease, which is a retinal dystrophy.
However, it sounds like your son has retinitis pigmentosa, which starts with night blindness. I hope too that people like your son will hopefully be able to be on the list of studies in the not so distant future.
If you google 'Stargardt's disease and stem cell transplants', you should be able to see some of the articles about it.
Dr. Z

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Blind due to accident


My cousi lossed his visibility after he met an accident. Accident was not a big..but after one month from that accident..slowly..he lossed his visibility. Is there any chance to get his visibility. Please let me know, if any one have information on this type of diseases.


Mrt's picture


My son is now at this momment being treated for Retina Pigmentosas, this is the same as many of the illnises listed here all his rods and cones are dyeing.
SEND ME AN E-MAIL: It cost me around 35000 US $ but many people recieved funding ( I dident and had to re-mortgage my house) Many people have been helped here I HAVE FIRST HAND EXPERPIANCE because I have seen , talked to people here during their treatment. some are getting Ubilical cord
stemm cell injections others intrevenous.

Mr T
Ps: Optic nerves therapy has had success

Joseph Hayes's picture

Stem Cells

A friend has a son who is now 13 with deteriorating eyesight and I'm just trying to help him find some help here. He is retired military and currently works at Whiteman AFB and believes he has explored all of his options. I'm not sure of the specifics of the disease but he has related to me that it is beyond traditional treatment but doesn't know where to turn next. I have searched the web (how I found this) but I can't seem to find anyone who has experience with stem cell treatment. Any information, or perhaps a direction I can look, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time in reading this. God Bless.


Anonymous's picture

Hi I have reported about my


I have reported about my sons Eye problems , and his treatment.
He was classed as Blind and there is no cure.
I did get him stem cell tratment and it did work.
He was tested here in Germany after the treatment in China were the results showed a 125 % immprovement in his sight.
He has Retina Pigmentosa and was officialy Blind with a state pension at the age of 22.

They used Adult Stem cells from Volenteer Blood



Joe's picture

Terrence, I can really use

I can really use more info. Dr names. Hospitals. Anything u can give me would be helpful. Thanks.

Dr Ken James's picture

Hi Joseph, Thank you for

Hi Joseph, Thank you for your email. I am sorry about your friend's son. If he's explored all options, I can understand that he has turned to stem cell research and its' possibilities. Find out from your friend, the specifics of the disease and you can write directly to me at and I will help in any way I can..
God bless and chat soon,
DrKen James

Anonymous's picture

CAn you please send your

CAn you please send your contact details?

Dr Ken James's picture

your question

Hi, No problem, you can ontact me at my email with your questions.
Dr Ken James

Anonymous's picture

Retinitis Pigmentosa -stem cell treatment

Hi I was hoping you could e-mail me some information on how the treatment did for your son. And contact information for getting the stem cell treatment done. You also said something about possible being able to get funded for the treatment? Thanks so much. Julie

Anonymous's picture

The results were unblivable ,

The results were unblivable , 100 % Immprovement, I made a mistake about the cost it was 22000 US

Anonymous's picture

Can you please let me know

Can you please let me know where your son is receiving treatment? My husband was in a very bad car accident two years ago causing strokes in his optic nerve that has left both eyes with limited vision.

Anonymous's picture

Where is optic nerve stem cell treatment being done?

Is there any treatment for severed optic nerves due to an AVM that caused hemianopsia in the 1980's? Please let me know. Thanks.