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Hi, my name is Emily Lovejoy, and I am a rising senior at Bryn Mawr College.  I am majoring in psychology, with a minor in geology.  The two fields don't quite go hand in hand, but it is interesting to learn about two sciences that can be taught in very different ways.  I am particularly interested in studying eating disorders and the neurobiology associated with them.  I am also interested in education, and I think it would be rewarding to combine my interests in education and psychology to become a school psychologist.

I am excited for the summer institutes to start so that I can hear the varying perspectives on the broad topics of the role of computing in education, inquiry based science education, and brain and behavior.  It will be interesting to see how the institutes evolve over time.  I know that initially, it will be somewhat challenging to open up and feel comfortable sharing teaching styles, but I hope to see the participants’ contributions increase, and their self-esteem rise as the institutes progress.

I am also looking forward to contributing to the Serendip website.  I hope to add a portion to the website about mental health in school settings.  I hope to provide examples and interesting articles that will get others interested in the topic and I hope to help educators better understand how to deal with mental health in schools.