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I thought the workshop went very well.  We had a fairly good turnout of people of lots of differnt students and professions on campus.  However, participating in the workshop was very challenging for me.  It was very uncomfortalbe, but that's why we've having workshops like this in the first place!  The most difficult section was when we had to choose spaces that made us feel productive/uncomfortable/ownership.  I felt strongly that I had to be honest, but also really didn't want to.  They were such personal answers and I felt that I had the right to now have to share that with anyone if I didn't want to.  It's the same thing with talking about money/socioeconomics.  It's such a personal topic, and while we definitely need to "break the ice", we also have to respect people for wanting to remain anonymous and live their life without always thinking about inequalities.  Sometimes, innocence can be bliss for everyone.