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Effects Valium has on Seizures

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Effects Valium has on Seizures

Deb Charamella

I decided to write about this topic because it is something that effects my family directly. My sister is a victim of a disease called Rett Syndrome which causes her to have intense seizures. She is seventeen now and has had seizures her whole life. Having faced these for many years now, my parents have been through lots of different types of medications to help treat and control her seizures. The newest type of medication is Valium and so I though that I would take this opportunity to learn more about it and its effect on seizures.

First off, it is important to understand what a seizure is. A seizure is caused by abnormal discharge of electric stimulation in the brain. They may also be caused by salt imbalances in the blood, gastrointestinal disease, poisoning, head injury, brain disease such as a tumor, a malformed blood vessel, or anything that causes sudden lack of oxygen to the brain.((1).) Seizures are also grouped into different categories depending on how severe they are and also depending on which part of the brain is effected. For example, if the entire brain is involved it is a generalized seizure as opposed to if only a portion of the brain is effected and in that case the seizure is a partial seizure. ((2).) There are two types of partial seizures, simple partial and complex partial. There are also two types of generalized seizures, generalized absence (petit mal) and tonic-clonic (grand mal). The seizures that my sister has are tonic-clonic or grand mal, which are considered the most severe type of seizure to have. With a tonic-clonic seizure, there are two phases. In the tonic phase, the person loses consciousness and falls, as the body grows rigid. In the clonic phase, body extremities jerk and twitch. After the seizure, consciousness returns slowly. ((2).)

Over the years, my sister has been through various different medications whose intent was to control her seizure activity. A new type of treatment that her neurologist suggested trying is Valium (Diazepam). Valium is a drug that effects the limbic, thalamic and hypothalamic regions of the central nervous system. ((3).) Valium slows the central nervous system and is used to treat anxiety related disorders and conditions that cause severe muscle spasms and convulsions. ((4).) Valium is administered rectally. Liquid Valium is absorbed fast from the rectum. The effect should take place 5-15 minutes after the injection.((3).) Valium should not be used on a daily basis because it can cause withdraw and it also has many other side effects.

My sister has her seizures in clusters. When she has them she will usually have about five or six seizures over the course of two or three days. Because her seizures come in clusters, her neurologist thought that Valium may help stop or at least decrease the intensity or frequency of her seizures. The last time two times that she had seizures, my mom rectally gave her the Valium and my mom thought that the Valium did have an effect. She said that once she gave her the Valium that the seizures went away, but that my sister was very tired and it took her two or three days to regain her strength, but those two or three days were seizure free. My parents have had many discussions about whether
They should continue to use the Valium and for right now they are going to continue to use it when her seizures come because the Valium did make them stop. We think that because we are not going to use it on a regular basis that her body will not become dependent on it. But as of right now, the Valium is supported by us as a way to treat a tonic-clonic cluster of seizures.



2)Types of Seizures

3)Treating Cluster Seizures With The Rectal and Oral Valium Protocol




Comments made prior to 2007

I also have a loved one that seizures (grand mal) he takes valium after a seizure or when he has a feeling that he might have one he has been seizure free for a year in nov. last one was on thanksgiving day ... Stacie, 6 October 2006


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Epileptic seizures

My seizures have gotten worse and worse stressed out this never have enough money is it possible to get on Medicaid if you have seizures if not Medicare or disability

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Epileptic seizures

I take Tegretol twice a day one in the morning and one at night 200 milligrams a total of 400 milligrams in one day what can I tell my daughters doctor that this could really help her or not have as many a seizures

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Valium and seizures

Not only does Valium work on humans but dogs as well. My brothers dog was 9 years old when he started having seizures. One night he was having them back to back and they were getting worse so I had my sister look online to see if there was anything we could give him and it said to try Valium. Once we gave it to him he didn't have anymore that night.

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Valium is a lifesaver for my seizures

I am 34 a mother a wife. I have Lupus that affects my central nervous system and never grew out of my Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. Valium breaks my bad seizure cycles. I hate the fact that it sidelines me for a few days but it's risks are dwarfed by the major rewards such as breaking these awful clusters of seizures that strike. Like the ones I've had for the last 13 hours. I'm so tired but upon doctors direction husband administered valium and I'm here at home typing this instead of knocked out in the ER. It's a blessing when your daily meds can't beat a particularly vicious cycle of seizures. My heart goes out to all touched by epilepsy! Off to bed for me

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A point in the right direction?

I am a 29y/o male who has been having seizures, tonic clonic and partial complex, for about 11 years. They started me on Dilantin. Teeth are crappy cuz of it. Every time my levels were checked it was always under a 1. Suppose to be between 15 and 20. They then switched me to keppra. I will say Keppra rage is a real thing and if any other medicines are considered maybe trying them first. Last night my wife made me go to a new hospital chain. They gave me valium intravenously and they sent me home cuz no insurance. Well last night I had 14 seizures which is more than my usual 1 or 2 a night. Having them nightly isnt good in the first place I know but the Drs cant help me out. Ive tried Ativan with my keppra with no success. The valuim is the same. Im not gonna lie, ive been knocking myself out at night with a mix of my prescribed meds, 1mg xanex, and a cup of cannabis tea. I know what needs to be done but because i dont have a money tree in my backyard, they wont do the sleep eeg. Anyone possibly have any suggestions?

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If you can, try this.

I have had seizures ever since i was hit by a drunk driver when i was on my bike, i was about 14 at the time and i am now 24. I have grand mal seizures and a few years ago it wasn't uncommon for me 2 spend 1-4 weeks straight in icu at the hospital. If you live some place in the states you should be able 2 get on some kind of insurance and you need a neurologist. The medicine i am currently taking for my epilepsy is. flexeril 10 mg 1 pill every 12 hours. Onfi 10 mg 1 pill at night. Vimpat 200 mg 1 pill every 12 hours. VIT D2 1.25 mg 50,000 until i take 1 pill twice a week. Lamictal 200 mg, 1 pill in the morning and two at night. I have probably been on just about every epilepsy medicine made and so for this combo has been the only thing that has worked. I have seizures every now and then but i just go 2 the hospital and get a Valium shot and that will stop me from having any more seizures for the rest of the night.

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i feel for your and sister i have had 5 tonic-clonic/grand mal sezures over the past 2 years.i am 24 years and never had a seizure before 2 years ago, mind you i never started taking xanax up intil 2 years ago. i was not perscribed xanax and only using for illigal recreational use.i do not know all but have studied this over the past year i am still learning. my docter said my seizures where because i would take this drug then come down and there for i was seizuring, i am now perscribed valium to help stop my seizures and withdrawls but they have also given me seizures when i stop taking valium for a week or two. i would not be giving her vallium on a daily basis as vallium is a short acting benzo diazapam which stays in your system for 2 to 3 days so when coming down they might cause seizures. but marijuarna is the safest way to prevent seizures. these anti seizure meddications which there are alot of are a new and recent thing. so there isnt alot of study on other short term or long term affects to these medication.


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I take it as well daily. It has lost the sedating effect but will stop my grand-mal seizures 90 percent of the time. I have took the whole gambit of seizure medications from lamtical to keppra and everything else. I figure why not just be dependent on valium and not have seizures or take dilantin and watch my teeth fall out. Either way I will be taking a pill, so I might as well take what works. The valium has helped me to complete two college degrees and hold down a job as a programmer. Before I began taking it, I was in my first semester of computer engineering and got rolled out of the dorms so many times on a stretcher it was unbelievable. I failed that semester, but after medication I came back and got two degrees so yes it works (at least for my type which is juvenile myoclonic).

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Do you still Take Valium

Do you still Take Valium daily and have you had to increase dose how much do you take daily? Thank you want my son to take daily we have been in the hospital 6 weeks for seizures think this would help

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I also have juvenile myoclonic... tried all medications but works for some time. just started valium and I think has tried to work for me, although it makes me sleepy. my doctor combined it with Bcomplex tabs as i continue with carbazina. i am still on test but hopeful that it will work for me.

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i've been having seizures for the past 12 years now and valium does not help my seizures it causes be to get light head very weark and it my body to loose control of my mustles and i calapse

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seizures need help

my 18 year old daughter started having seizures last year for no aparent reason. will xanax or valium help stop them if she feels them coming on? i'm desperate for help! her doctor seems to just blow us off, so we have to explore opptions.

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seizures neef help

I was in the same situation as you looking for answers and trying to find a cure for my 20 year old boy, I found a great Dr. Who found the answer to my prayers. And awesome Dr. Who took the time to look for reasons of why all of sudden my son was having seizures it end up neen a combitation of hashimoto deases and anxiaty

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Such a young age for this to be happening. I want you to know that my dad has had seizures for 30 years and now has been seizure free for 17 years. He takes several meds to help him as he was having gran mal seizures. I don't think xanax will help but i know the valium does help but is very addicting and makes you very tired. He also takes not sure on the spelling but it is call phenobarbitol and dilantin with the valium. If you have anymore questions please feel free to send me an e-mail i sure know that this is not something i want to see anyone go thru as i have seen them all my life! Good luck to your daughter and your family!!!


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Hi Christine! its nice and

Hi Christine! its nice and encouraging to know that there are cases like your father. My husband has been suffering seizure for 5 years now and I'm sure you had a clear picture of how stressful and hard for each seizure attack. Could you give us some tips and the exact medicine that your father had taken to enjoy his seizure free years now. We will really appreciate any word from you. Thanks and take care.

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Honestly the safest way to go

Honestly the safest way to go is marijuana. Marijuana is an effective treatment for epilepsy. Your daughter will just get addict to the pills

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Valium for seizures

I take it daily as well for seizure activity, did your sister find it loses sedation?

Thanks, Chris