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Our Teach-In

Anne Dalke's picture

Here's the plan for next Thursday's teach-in. We have eight performances scheduled, for an 80-minute class period, so each one can take up to 10 minutes. And not a moment longer! And this includes set-up! (In other words, be warned: if the set-up gets complicated, you'll need to reduce the length of your performance on the spot, in order to make sure that there's time-and-space for all....).

12:55-1:05 hwink, michelle, JD
1:05-1:15 Colleen and MC
1:15-1:25 S.Yeager and dear.abby
1:25-1:35 meowwalex, mbeale, buffalo
1:35-1:45 pejordan, melal, FrigginSushi
1:45-1:55 epeck, sekang, dchin
1:55-2:05 sara, aybala, bluebox
2:05-2:15 rayj, amophrast, w0m'n

And here's what actually happened--thanks, all!