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Moving towards a right relationship between Bryn Mawr College and Transgender Students

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The following is a link to the movement I wanted to present towards a right relationship between Bryn Mawr College (or maybe all single-sex schools?) and transgender students. I chose to use a prezi to present this information to show that there has been movement, but also that I would like to see more movement. 

There is a zoom in/zoom out button at the right side of the screen, which you might like to use as some of the slides might be more comfortably viewed when zoomed in on. I have a slide with a link to my sources at the end of the presentation. I hope my movement through this work makes sense to all of you! 


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interrogating gender roles...

as you know, some of your classmates are also pursuing this line of inquiry; see both jfwright's Activism Begins @ Home and S. Yaeger's (Hopefully) Inclusive Conversation.

For me, the most compelling moment in your very-moving presentation (Prezi really is great for imaging "moving," as Karen Barad's work showed!) is the observation included in the NYTimes article, that women's colleges now find themselves "caught between wanting to embrace a campus minority that their own interrogation of gender roles has helped shape and defending the value of institutions centered on the distinct experience of being female." Perhaps Judith Butler's notions of a more "porous" definition of what it means to be a woman--flexible, revisable, alterable over time--could help us here?

So: where are you heading next w/ this project? I'm anxious to hear....