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Night sky and the full moon

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Yesterday was Moon Cake day (or Mid Autumn festival). Vietnam and China were the first countries to celebrate this day, on which people can see the full moon from the earth. Nowadays many other Asian countries also celebrate this festival. It is a day for moon cake, green tea and lanterns.

I visited the longue behind Rhoads South in the evening, after coming back from Haffner’s Mid Autumn festival, with a cup of hot tea and a piece of moon cake (grilled moon cake with lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk – my favourite!). The night was cold and I was lucky to have the cup of tea as a companion. I like the feeling when I hold the cup, take a sip and let the flow of warmth travel inside my body, in contrast with the cold outside. Thanks to the tea I could have been able to stand the night’s cold.

As I sat on the bench, enjoying the tea and cake, I looked at the sky and was surprised: full moon, where are you? I raised my head to the max looking for it. It was too cloudy I could see neither the stars nor the moon. It took me a little while to finally realize where the moon was. It lit up a part of the sky and appeared faintly behind the clouds. Still, the longer I looked at it, the more clearly I could see its shape – a perfect circle. I also noticed how high the sky was. As I looked at a tree, the tree was already three or four times taller than me. The distance from the tree to the sky was much much larger than that. Suddenly I was scared to think of how far, how large and how deep the sky was. There seemed to be some mystery in but it we never knew. The silence of the night with the whispering of the trees in the wind made the sky look even more mystical…