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Nature Posting: No fairies in the grass

Hannah's picture

The branches on the tree are all twisted. I’ve known this since the day I first sat under the tree but now pay more attention because the leaves are so sparse. I wonder how the branches grow the way they do. How do they get all twisted together, what makes them grow up then suddenly left and right and down instead of keeping straight in the same direction. When I was little I was told that when I walk through the field and squish the grass with my feet, little fairies that live under each blade push it back up straight. I imagine fairies in the tree under its bark pushing the branches this way and that until the branches twist. But that is not how it happened. Now I am older and know that there are no fairies living under my feet and fixing the grass after I have trod over it.  And what we do to the earth will not be repaired by some magical natural process. We need to fix it.