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Monument Valley

Chandrea's picture

I've been on Serendip since I've been in Jody's E-Sem and I can probably count the number of times I've changed my avatar on one hand. The current picture I have as my avatar is a candid picture of me sitting on a rock and gazing in the distance (I swear, totally not on purpose) while I was visiting Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. I try not to pick photos where you can clearly see me, and I think I do that because I feel uncomfortable when the attention and focus is on me. The trip to Monument Valley was part of a summer program I was participating in during the summer before my senior year of high school started. I got to learn about Southwestern culture as well as the Navajo people and their interesting but often overlooked culture. That trip made such an everlasting impact on me and further helped me realize my passion for social justice and I definitely plan to go back and visit one day.