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Middle of the night

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(This is a make up for last site reflection hw)

I happened to stay up late before thanksgiving. I was preparing for my exams and forgot to put down the curtain. Then, when I suddenly looked outside the window, I saw a bright moon hiding part of itself in clouds.

The clouds, twisted in shape and curled to form a whirl pool, were like a tunnel to another space. When moonlight--or rather, the light reflected by the moon--shines on the clouds, part of them became bright and even more mysterious. They were moving slowly, like cotton, like snow, like fluid. They remind me of Dracula's castle and Glass Mountain, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Alice's Wonderland.

The massive darkness and light brightness of the night melted, rested, condensed in my eyes. The movement of the clouds crushed the unchanging scene, breaking it in all direction, and when it stopped, everything was back in peace--again.