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teal, ShaynaS, and I discussed the syllabus for the rest of the semester yesterday, and the topic we agreed would be most interesting to explore for the next six weeks is villainy.  Our plan is to stick with one genre-tragedy- and look at how villainy is portrayed through three different mediums.  The mediums we had in mind were a graphic novel (Persepolis was an idea), a play (we could do two plays depending on the length of each one), and a novel.   This would enable us to explore the genre of tragedy, learn about the three different mediums, and also look at the portrayal of villainy and how it varies.  An international perspective could also be brought into this syllabus because the works that we study could be from anywhere, and it would certainly be interesting to look at villainy not just through different mediums, but also through the eyes of different cultures.


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I loved your idea and I made an entire post on it. I think it is really interesting and creative. I don't know if you saw what I wrote but I suggested we read Othello, Watchmen, and then watch Misery. They're just suggestions though.

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How about reading Crime and Punishment?  The hero of the novel is a cold blooded murderer, a villain?

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My only concern with Crime

My only concern with Crime and Punishment is how long it is and if we'll have time for it. Would it be more worthwhile to read 2 shorter texts so we can explore two differing examples of one medium?

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re: suggestion

That could work.  We had a few specific works in mind, just for an idea, but the proposal is obviously open to any suggestions from the class. 

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