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OK, I have to confess that the two classes I taking with Anne Dalke are starting to blur together.  The content is transgenre, there is lots of analysis of images, and extensive use of Serendip.  The greatest difference between literary kinds and the house of wits is how we use Serendip to record our thoughts.  Our group forums place every student’s thoughts in the context of the class discussion.  Comments are commented upon, linked to, possibly even quoted in papers.  In the other course, a student’s thoughts are placed in a single page, a bit of a blog.  (click here to view my commonplace book)  This makes it much easier to trace the development of a student’s ideas.  Such a feature is missing from our course and our use of Serendip.  Unless there is a way of viewing all of one’s comments for a course that I am unaware of?  Does this sound intriguing to anyone else?  Would it be appealing to view one’s intellectual history in single page? 


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