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Putting it all out there

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 I think it's great to post papers online.  When Paul Grobstein visited our class last week, he talked about how "chatter" is what gets things going.  If you submit a paper just to your professor, there's no room for chatter between anyone but you and the professor, and that probably isn't a good thing.  You need more ideas.  Posting a paper online grants access to anyone who cares to read what you've written, and that may be a bigger audience than you think.  Personally, I like people reading my writing and giving me criticism on it, so why not open that up for more?  To me, this is a personal preference, but thinking about the discussion of chatter was what set it off-if you're open to it, why not allow for more chatter by posting your paper online?


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posting online

 I personally think that posting papers online is a great idea. Often, I find myself interested in what other people write about, and ordinarily, I wouldn't be able to. Although I don't know if positng papers online invites discussion-personally I don't think there will be that much feedback because the paper has already been submitted-but it serves as a good opportunity for me to see situations from all different perspectives. 

However, I'm aware that some of us are not too keen on others reading our work, and although I don't view this as a an intrusion on privacy, i can understand if others feel that way. 

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