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Comparing Offices

Anne Dalke's picture

As inspiration for your postings, this weekend, about space on campus, I thought you might enjoy
(I might invite here) a comparative analysis of my office and Jody's, thinking about....
location (in the center of campus? peripheral?)
public or private (how open? how closed?)
what else???


S. Yaeger's picture

How about personal vs

How about personal vs impersonal?  One of the things that first struck me about Anne's office is how personal it is, and how it kind of mirrors my own decorative philosophy of "if you like it, stick it to the wall".  Not having a private space on campus, and not having had a private space for a long time in my own life, I tend to feel very safe and sheltered in Anne's office.  I can not imagine having to work on anything intellectually taxing in a space as public as Jody's, though I can see the value in being surrounded by so much activity.