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Putting together the pieces, maybe building some bridges?

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So all week I've been trying to piece the last few classes together and I think I've gotten somewhere...let's see what I have.

My focus has been on Game of You.  I've been captivated by the idea of the locks and what the key could be.  The first key hole we see is followed by the title page.  The word "you"  appears on the page outside of the title which is something I found really weird.  Then I wondered, could the key be "you."  We were struggling to find a point of the book.  I mean, Barbie has this fantasic adventure and yet she wakes up and doesn't remember anything in it.  The readers are left looking for some change in her, and yet does she really have one?  A key hole appears at the end of the graphic novel as well.  So Barbie hasn't yet learned to unlock whatever it is that lies behind that locked page.  Neither have we.  Perhaps the artist/writer is trying to remind us of that. 

The idea that Barbie had not remembered anything when she woke up reminded me of the radio lab on memory.  Barbie does not remember anything so did it really happen at all?  The book makes the readers think that it did because Barbie mentions how her friends are not talking to her as much anymore but regardless, we do not know how Hazel and Foxglove are recalling the events, we don't even know if they remember everything. 

The idea of "you" being the key could also connect to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks that we are reading next.  Or at the very least, the idea of looking for they key to the cure and the key to understanding who's right in the battle for rights over cells, etc. 


I don't know, just some ideas buzzing around my head!