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Kim Fuller's Introduction

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My name is Kim Fuller...
My name is Kim Fuller of Global Leadership Academy Charter School. We are Charter school with a global mission. By the time our scholars step in to the next part of their educational experience they must have a passport and have gone to another country. i enjoy my job because i get the opportunity to work with all facets of the population of the school.
I have found the introductions to be very interesting. I will talk about just the two that stands out for me.
                      1. One of the topics that sparked conversation was about grades. Someone said that they had a student in their class that they had to give an F to,Yet this student loved their class. I have such an issue with that F, they said that the student would be very much involved the class, but the student could not pass any of their test. This was a private school and that this child did not belong there. That my be true but an F says that the student did not do anything at all in her class. They said that the student was good in her class no problems with them as a student but she just could not pass her test. I think that that student did not merit an F how do you give a student an F if they are trying? it also says to me that every one failed that student, the mother, Father, teacher, administration, and most of all the student failed them self. When I see and F it means that everything failed. Now grades are one of the most opportune times for a teacher. As a teacher you must make sure that you are grading correctly according to a student’s ability. Not according to your feelings. 
                      2. There must be some kind of PD for new teacher at the site that they are going to working. With a seasoned teacher to help them with class room management, class room decorations, class room discipline, how to handle day to day issue that come up in the class room, such as how to send student to the bathroom.
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