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A Night Late

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A night late…

(poetic license please)


After the night when you turned off the light; after

the night, when you couldn’t find your Peru radio station. 


She wanted most to be your pleasure,

to alter your breathing, to build an altar to your breathing. 


Her breathing faltered because she was wanting too much

most.  Overwhelmed was she. 


Overnight, she left it to the poet to tell you. 


She is berating herself and she is elated.


She has tried your hospitality; she is hoping

despite impolite blood, rude blood red, rust, risk, revealing, reveling. 


Learning, leaching, sucking, teaching,

will you teach her?  Teacher, will you let her teach you?


She is learning to teach a little philosophy of knowledge;

knowing her is about getting it less wrong. 


She is teaching to learn something new, you. 

This is some serious play.