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Inquiry Ins 08 Thoughts Week 1

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I think the Inquiry Institute is off to a wonderful start.  The participants are excited and engaged everyday.  The teachers are easily connecting with one another. Already they have produced some amazing collaborative pieces, including lesson plans for use at multiple levels. 

The casual structure of the institute allows teachers to interact with the material presented according to their own interests.  Wil often wanders the room engaging individuals in debate about the morning’s topics.  There are ample opportunities for the participants to reflect on incorporating inquiry into their own pedagogical practices. 

The discussions and presentations regarding inter- and transdisciplinary work have been fantastic.  However, I would love to see an example of a hands-on or inquiry based approach to a humanities topic.  Or an example combining both types of inquiry. 

One practice that might help the institute proceed more smoothly, would be giving me and Luisana advance notice about any new technology being presented.  This would allow us to familiarize ourselves with the programs, so that we could better help the other participants.  I, personally, am terrible with technology and need a lot of time to learn.  


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Good Advice

Thanks, for the feedback. I will definitely take your advice into account next time around. It would have been great to have more help with iMovie and Movie Maker.