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Classed Academic Writing

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If I could make a subtitle for this paper that wasn't a complete turn-off for every academic reader, I would say: remarks, observations, musings, and a few overall points about academic writing, packaged into a paper meant for all.

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what better place to start than with you?

I very much like your clarion call here for another and better way of writing: one full of thoughtfulness, but also grounded in a commitment not to exclude. And now I'm on the edge of my seat: what will your next-and-final paper, in which you answer your own call, look-and-sound like? (Will it, for starters, be posted on Serendip? Not as an attachment, but available, without additional clicking, for the world to read? And respond to? (or @ least for the parts of the world that have access to computers, and English, and the time to read and write back...?)  Might it move out from the location of the Harvard Bookshop, onto the street corner? Out of Cambridge, and into what neighborhood? (the web?) Might it use images, as a more "universal" language? (For example, check out JHarmon's collages...) MIght it eschew sarcasm (is that an including or an excluding genre...?)