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"We'll get there, and we will be the stars we were always meant to be."

So there's zero relation between my username and avatar. Well, almost zero - one describes a fiery state, and the other relates to the idea that this fire is what empowers us. I picked the Captain Marvel logo for the sake of a single line from Kelly Sue DeConnick. I use literary quotes to structure much of my life, leaning against them to power me along in a wave of 'in that i moment i swear we were infinite's and 'reserve your anxiety for what you are escaping to'. This quote came from an airplane pilot, Helen Cobb, about to go under for surgery, written to Carol Danvers, the recently assumed Captain Marvel. Despite being utterly powerless (in the super sense), Cobb is the true hero here - Carol looked up to her for years, from her young days training to be just like her. And the pilot points out that, no matter the cost or cause, we have a reason to shine, whether or not we've realized it yet. And I've seen the single line tattooed and beaten into jewelry, and I know it means just as much to others as it does to me, and I can only hope to remember to be that star when I feel like all the lights have cut out. 

(The username comes from a separate reference, about a fantasy series regarding Napoleon and dragons. I liked the ring of it.)