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  Hello! This is Kathryn speaking. I am a freshman, only a newcomer I'm afraid. I'm not quite sure what exactly I want to focus on during my time here, but I believe that I may be leaning towards an English based major... of some sort. Perhaps with a concentration in Creative writing. I am a huge fan of reading and writing, especially fantasy. Actually, I love fantasy of all sorts.  I am a compulsive pursuer of the strange, the unusual and wonky. I enjoy mysteries, and twisting my mind around them; I hope that this course will by as fascinating as it seems it will be.


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Hi everybody, my name is

Hi everybody, my name is Sarah Schnellbacher and I am a sophomore Biology major with a pre-health focus. Last semseter I took a Bryn Mawr biology class on Evolution and liked the interdisciplinary aspect of the course with Anthropology and Geology. I am excited to further my study of evolution through reading primary literature. I look forward to the openness of discussion that this course allows and the interplay between science and english majors.

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