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Injured Animal Seeks Shelter

mturer's picture

This week, I share in Sarah's distance predicament. I always thought Rock was rather close to where I live, but apparently that distance is subjective. Last week, when I was perfectly able, the tree was not far at all. This week, with an injury, I might as well have walked to Brecon. By the time I got there, standing for too long became difficult and sitting on the tree was the worst of all. I had no hope of climbing it. I stood on the ground in the shade of the damp tree for as long as I could, but after a while I had to go back to my human den to lie down. What if I didn't have a comfortable, soft white bed to fall into? What if I, like any other species, had to live in the wild? I would choose this spot. It is shady and secluded from predators and outside influences and I would probably deal with the pain of my injury and climb the tree until I was hidden more and until I found a comfortable branch. I would have to put up with all the spiders and who knows what else that I have chosen to eliminate from my human-space room, but I would be used to them. It would be okay.

The pinecones continue to be an interesting thing to look at. I found they are especially interesting from the ground, where I have never really looked at them before. I am not yet sure if this matters in my decision to choose a new wilderness home to lie down in.

My brain still registers them as berries or flowers, then defaults to extreme confusion when it discovers that they are neither. They are too tiny and delicate to be pinecones, but they are! Thanks to these, I would even have room decor if I chose to live here. If this was the only place for me, as an injured animal, to lie down and sleep, I would be lucky to find it. I wonder if other animals choose places to stay based on appearance. Am I the only thing that finalizes its decision based on prettiness?