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Roles of Amish Women

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Hope Fillingim

In Amish society there is a clear patriarchy in which gender roles are strictly defined. Amish Women are expected to marry, have children and submit to their husband’s will. There is no divorce. It is the responsibility of the wife to care for the children and the household. Her tasks include cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening and maintaining the general welfare of the family. Only 3% of Amish women have a job outside of the household (Kraybill, 72). The husband is considered the head of the family and has the final say in spiritual and societal matters. At family meals, the husband sits at the head of the table. Despite the elevated position of the husband, major decisions are usually made jointly by husband and wife. Women have a vote in church meetings, but cannot hold positions of authority within the church. What are the reasons for this patriarchy, and should feminists feel a moral imperative to bring it down?

Perhaps one reason for the patriarchy is simply tradition in the presence of isolation from the rest of the world. Gender systems such as the Amish’s were common in preindustrial societies. And in an agricultural society insistent on self sufficiency and resistant to modern technology, it is necessary for women to have multiple children to help work on the farm. In the 1980 census it was found that the average Amish household had almost twice as many members as the average household in the rest of the county (Kraybill, 70). The large family required for farming must be fed and dressed and taken care of, so, consistent with tradition, the woman fills that needed role. Even young children are defined by the practical roll they can fill as a working member of a farm. Birth announcements from an Amish paper illustrate the gendered rolls of farm children. “Born to Brother Mennos a little dishwasher named Katie” or “Enos Ys are the parents of a little woodchopper born last week” (Kraybill & Olshan, 220). With important rolls to be filled by all, the patriarchy could be merely a matter of practicality, though the question must be asked, could Katie not fill the role of woodchopper and the Enos son the roll of dishwasher equally well? Why is gender so important?

The highly religious nature of Amish society may offers legitimacy to these strict gender roles. The Amish often take literal instruction from the Bible. Women do not question the submissive role in which they are cast because they believe their submission is consistent with the divine order of things. “The head of every man is Christ, and the head of any woman is man” (I Corrintheans 11:3). In marriage, women are instructed “Submit yourself unto your husband as unto the Lord” (Ephesians 5:22). The submissive role women play in the church is also dictated by the Bible, “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission” (I Timothy 2:11). With society structured around faith and faith structured around man, it is understandable that a patriarchy prevails and that women willingly submit to it. A failure to do so would be a denial of the culture and faith in which they have been indoctrinated their whole lives.

As much as religion serves to perpetuate the Amish patriarchy, there is also a degree to which religious teachings mitigate man’s power over and treatment of women. Men as well as women are taught to practice humility, and aggression is tempered by belief in non-violence. Men are taught to love and respect their wives. “So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies” (Ephesians 5:28). The Amish patriarchy is therefore can perhaps be distinguished from those in which women are abused and subjugated.

Feminists examining Amish culture may feel the impulse to bring down the patriarchy and liberate the oppressed Amish women. The Amish, however, do not necessarily agree with the feminist notion of what it means to be liberated. Many see professional women as a negative role model, a “distortion of God’s created order” (Kraybill, 73). One Amish man said, “We plain people laugh at the foolishness of women trying to be men. To us, women’s lib is ridiculous” (Kraybill & Olshan, 218). Perhaps the Amish’s dismissal of feminism can be understood in light of the degree of respect that Amish women receive from the community. Though women are certainly inferior in terms of social power, it could be argued that because of woman’s vital role in maintaining a functional household and family farm women equal men in terms of value and respect, a goal that many feminists are still working for.

Additionally, while many feminists have historically fought to liberate women from what they considered menial and undervalued tasks of household cooking and cleaning, Amish women do not view such tasks as menial or undervalued. A description of Emma helps illustrate the mindset of Amish women, “She knew who she was as a woman. She knew that what she did mattered. Her knowledge that her role in the family was necessary for its wellbeing permeated her life…Her work was valued, she was valued…Making a commitment to marriage and family was seen as a worthy pursuit” (Kraybill & Olshan, 222).

It is clear that women are valued in Amish society, and on some levels are even afforded types of equality and freedoms that women outside of Amish society might not be. In Amish weddings, for example, the woman is not “given away” by her father to her future husband, as is often done in non-Amish weddings. Instead, the couple walks through the door together. One Amish Author articulates nicely the prevailing view of gender roles, “The Bible teaches very clearly that men and women are equal… but being equal in worth does not mean being the same in calling” (Klaybill & Olshan, 220).

The dress code to which Amish women and men are expected to conform offers an interesting example of a freedom that may be exclusively available to Amish women. Women wear long, one piece dresses, over the bodice of which they wear a halduch, or a cape. They also wear aprons and head caps (Hostetler, 240). While at first this practice may seem highly restrictive, and while surely some Amish women find it so, it could also be seen as freeing if looked at from another perspective. Naomi Wolf argues that “…beauty has become the last restrictive institution…women…have not been freed from the social mandate to pursue beauty” (Garland-Thomson, 15). Since Amish women are actually discouraged from accentuating their physical appearance, they are perhaps free in a way that other women cannot be.

Despite the respect and the aspects of freedom experienced by women in Amish communities, some women do notice and possibly resent the discrepancy in power between women and men. One women commented “The men make the rules so that’s why more modern things are permitted in the barn than in the house…I don’t think it’s fair that we have to push the mowers to mow the lawns…We keep saying that if the men would mow the lawns there would be engines on them, and I am sure there would be…” (Kraybill, 73). However, even women who resent that men get the better tool do not seem to advocate for an erasal of the patriarchy but rather for the improvement of lawn mowers.

The Amish way of life does promote a patriarchal society that many feminists would perhaps find dreadful and oppressive, but it is important to consider the complexities of the culture as well as how it appears on the surface. Amish women may very well enjoy their lives and find value and meaning in raising a family. Or they may not. The opinions of Amish women likely vary as much as do the opinions of feminists. Amish babies are not baptized. To enter the church and become an official part of the Amish community is a choice made later in life. And whether these women chose to stay because of faith or family or connection to the land they do chose to do so. Amish women should not be viewed as oppressed but rather as willing and important participants in their culture.


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in the end.

Well,interesting comments to all,but it seems like an endless battle of feminism verses nonfeminism that continues to go in circles like most everything eles in this world,where does it stop? to who is right who is wrong,there is none the only one who knows the truth is God himself which seems like us humans like to be,when the real truth is summiting to God and his ways,but do we?no one in this world cannot know this because we live in a fallen world no matter what we think or do,everyone messes up even the amish,their is no such thing as being perfect for anyone to obey all that is in the bible,we can try,but we are still human and sinners.In the end the role plays however or whoever doing whatever is the book of revealation and what is written from God of what is supposed to happen and all this and more is part of it,we cannot stop it or change any of it,we just need to except it,the real deal here is to know Jesus no matter what except all he has done for us and pray and hope we go up to him and to repent of what is clearly wrong and displeasing to him and have faith in all he is.Amen and Amen!

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I was interested in reading your perspective but had great difficulty due to pervasive grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. I'm sorry to respond critically but if you want to be taken seriously edit your post and repost please.


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sorry that error drove me crazy and I'm a dumb human being.

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There will always be

There will always be women who follow Gods Divine Order
as the Bible clearly states. Christ Jesus head o the man and man Head of the women
and as Paul states --wives submit to their husbands.

There will always be deceptive people or people who dont know what the bible says , or dont Want to know
what the bible says -->but try to say it DOESNT say Gods divine order as described above.

There will always be women who want to live defiant against Gods Purposes and Plans Just as eve did in the Garden of eden
~being led by the enemy satan in ignorance or Direct knowledgeable rebellion.

Feminism is Proof satan hates Gods divine order of man and wife roles and is designed to try to destroy
>but NEVER will be able to.

Many women are aware of the Truth of Gods Divine Order and plan for them to have Family of Unity, Love , Support and to follow what the Bible says > to submit to their husband heads.

Feminists hate the Bible Because it Proves that they Need change and they DONT know as much as they think they do
about what they really should be doing in their life.

Men can make money 3times faster than woman , but women are deceived due to their ego, pride and superiority /control paradox complex --and they could have everything they ever needed If they just realize that a man is what they need according o Gods Divine Pattern of Order

Many women are deceived into thinking they are going to make the big money someday by all of the companies , but are just being used and abused in a different way , and in the end will be left childless , health issues and too old / worn for any use for a Family of Unity .

There will always be....
Its your Choice , do whats Right or what you "think" is right getting Nothing but lies , misery and deceptions.

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I sure would like to have a amish woman in her 60 to be a pen pa

I sure would like to have a amish lady as a friend that is in her 60 or 58. I am 60 my self. thanks. deb m

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Amish women

Most Amish women i would say definitely make a much better wife than the ones that we have out there since they're very faithful to their men.

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Re: looking for Armish woman

Can you tell me the best way to find a Amish wife or meet one?


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What the author of this paper

What the author of this paper did is called being objective/unbiased. It's actually the correct way to write on a subject so as only the facts are stated, not the author's own personal interpretation of the facts based on his/her own beliefs, ideology, interests, nor sentiments.

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Undeniable Truth

Regardless of the arguments presented by Feminism, Anti-Feminism, Religion, nor any other group or ideology, one thing is quite clear and cannot be denied...

Biologically speaking, women and men are complimentary parts of a whole. Women are designed to be mothers and with that comes staying in the comfort and safety of the home (during at least part of each pregnancy) and to care for the children after they're born (and thus also being house wives since they're at home anyways). Men are designed to father children and to go out into the elements/world/dangers out there to earn the living necessary to provide for the family. This is simple truth and no matter how anyone tries to argue away that truth, they cannot. It is a fundamental truth that men and women must do this, in this way, to maintain the existence and health of the Human species.

I have to say here that Feminism is not needed by women. The Women's Suffrage Movement of almost a hundred years ago fought for and succeeded in gaining for women all the sensible rights they should have had all along (the right to vote being one right women did not sensibly need tho). With its goals achieved, that movement then ceased to exist. The Women's Suffrage Movement was NOT what so many people wrongly call "First Wave Feminism". The Women's Liberation Movement/Feminism is an entirely separate movement and is clearly nothing more than a group of women who have been wronged/harmed sometime in their lives by some bad men and can't get over it. So now they seek to demonize the male gender and punish all males for the wrongs of a few bad ones. Such nonsense as "male oppression of the female gender" and "the male rape culture mentality" prove that fact as they reveal how those few bad men have wronged/harmed you Feminists. I do sympathize with you because of the traumatic experiences a few bad men have put you thru but demonizing the entire male gender and seeking to punish all males for the wrongs of a few bad ones will never makes things right.

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I am a feminist and I believe

I am a feminist and I believe that women have rights. These women choose to live this way. They can back out and say no. Which leads me to believe that this culture is out dated. Women should npt be told who to marry. This religious practice needs to be modified. They are all stuck in the past. I dont believe it is wrong but I dont like it. I.believe these they want and then maybe we would have another washington, lincoln, roosevelt and more. They should be able to have more freedom

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The Amish they court and if the girl or boy do not like each other and do not think he or she would make a good partner then they can stop courting. The father does not pick a husband for his daughter.
People need to stop say their father pick there husband.

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I would have loved it if my

I would have loved it if my father had told me what man I was going to become the wife of, as my father was wise and always had my best interests in mine. Thus he would not have failed in picking a good and worthy man for me to marry. You see, unlike you, I trusted my father's wisdom and his love for me. He was a truly good and worthy man himself, and that's what the Amish ways come down to... they have everyone's best interest in mind and seek to maintain themselves as a group of good and worthy males and females. Thus, among their own kind, it would not matter what man and woman were put together to be husband and wife, as both the man and the woman stood a much better chance than most non-Amish people to get a good and worthy spouse.

There is much to be said in favor of the Amish ways and I'm not even Amish myself, nor even religious at all. If you would just lose your "all males are evil" and "all the old ways are wrong" mentalities, you might be able to see that.

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You write as if you are so

You write as if you are so smart, and then you write something about, children's "rolls", women's rolls....forgive me, but isn't the word "roles"?

Or am I just addressing the fact that most people really don't pay attention to the little things, no matter how big those little things are.

And as such a person, don't you think it behooves US to perhaps listen to and heed the words or a more detail oriented individual?

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Big Deal

So she uses the words roll or rolls occasionally instead of roles... most of the time she used the correct form of the homonyms and I'm quite sure she knows the difference. Yes, a quick "find and replace" of the word role would have been nice but it's easily understood what she really meant.

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i love the way amish live iam looking up the roles because i am thinking about converting!:)

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It seems that weather you are

It seems that weather you are or are not a feminist you are still choosing what is in your heart!God loves ALL of us!!!!God also directs us in the way we should go!The bible teaches us to be loving to one another.Lets try a little more love instead of trying to be right!However you choose to live your life is yours,but dont fool yourself god still sees it all!!!!!I hope you all have a blessed day

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my view on feminsim, by a woman.

I think that feminism has got as far as it needs to go, women are equal, and have the same rights as men, women are able to decide weather they wish to work, or stay at home and make a family. I enjoyed reading this research, its not a life i would personally choose, but a woman should still feel free to live that life if they wish too. sometimes i think women are under pressure to excell themselves and gain higher jobs, I beleve that in the rest of society, women should be educated to a certain level, because life isnt deffinate, and women need a fall back plan, because if a women decided to stay at home, and there husband died, or something happened and resulted in the husband loosing work, the woman should be able to support her self in modern society, and be able to gain employment, to suport not only herself, but her children aswell.

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You make no mention of the

You make no mention of the woman supporting the man if he becomes unable to work for whatever reason. Which just goes to show a man has little value in your mind. So he worked his butt off, perhaps for years, to support you and the children but now that he can't work he's not worthy of supporting? That's the idea you give here.

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I enjoyed this article and found it quite insightful. There is not much info on the topic.

My view of feminism, by a woman's comment suprised me. I do love a quote from a british feminist women who was speaking about the new movement of anti-feminist women who said if you have a vagina and you want control over it than you are a femininst!

Women are under pressurre to excell in the work place in order to keep up with men. Women today STILL do not make as much money men doing the exact same thing. Just in the workplace women are illegally judgued or not employed for the simple fact of their gender.

"the top five jobs for women did not include attorney, surgeon or CEO. They were, in order, secretaries, retail and personal sales workers (including cashiers), managers and administrators, elementary school teachers and registered nurses"

If you look at a majority of religions women do not and are not allowed to hold high positions. Across the board religion continues to opress women; look at catholics, muslums etc. The seed was planted as early as Adam and Eve. The Amish are no different but I respect their culture and beliefs.

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This statement... " if you

This statement... " if you have a vagina and you want control over it than you are a femininst!"

Let's think about that for a minute...

A woman has the right to say "no" to sex. If that right is violated the man is a rapist and can be punished by law.

A woman has the right to choose to use birth control.

A woman has the right to choose to remain a virgin or become a mother.

A woman has the right to decide whatever she pleases when it comes to all matters concerning her vagina.

So why, exactly, do we need Feminism?

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why we need Feminisim

We need feminism because there are men and 'sadly" women who want to control, and end other women's person choices and rights and keep us quiet an deal with it in the dark. they want to end our rights to choose all the above you stated!! , that a MAN should be in control of a women's body and unborn organ! because it is so called '' a mans baby too? Bullshit! so he should have a say so about weather or not a women has an abortion or not?? no no no!! its not a man's choice or anyone's but the expected mothers choice. Also I do not see myself EQUAL to men! I love being a women in a mans world, we have sooo much control in this roll as women. I have a say so, I have rights, I like being a woman. BUT I will be damed if someone tells me what I can and cannot do with my body and my life. and that is why we need Feminism! we need women to keep and stand our ground because If you do show any weakness men will take that an run with it.

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Bible Verse

The Bible Verse you quoted is completely unrelated. "The Bible verses used to subjugate women, which are found in the epistles written by the Apostle Paul, are often mistranslated from the Greek text and misinterpreted. Paul was restricting pagan women from disrupting church services, not restricting Christian women from leadership roles. Similarly, Paul was debunking a Greek myths about the superiority of women over men and the goddess Artemis keeping women safe in childbirth. Paul was trying to explain that the first woman came out of the first man, so the first man was the "head" or source of life our earthly life (as in the head or source of a river) just as Christ is the source of our salvation and spiritual life. God keeps women safe during childbirth, not Artemis. The Apostle Paul clearly states that all people are equal before God, whether Greek or Jew, male or female or master or slave. The Apostle Peter warns that evil people will misinterpret Paul's epistles and twist the scriptures to their own destruction. See 2 Peter 3:16. "Feminists" were necessary to expose the "masculinists." We all need to just need to be human beings as God created us. It is a shame that so many women turn away from the church because of false teachings. Those who twist the scriptures to oppress women do it to their own destruction. God did not intend for women to be oppressed or subjugated by men. God created men and women in his own image and blessed them both. See Genesis 1:27-28. (Male oppression of women is part of the curse resulting from sin, like weeds and poisonous snakes. It is not to be encouraged!) Husbands and wives are to love and mutually submit to each other. Many Christian denominations recognize the equality of men and women. Women are free to pursue careers and spiritual gifts as are men. Both men and women are encouraged to put their families first. (Greek ought to be a required subject in school, so people can read Paul's letters for themselves.) " - Joni

The fact that you used manipulated quote in this way indicates immediately you are desperately digging for things to try and use to support your argument. You just lost all credit.

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Thank the lord.

The maturity and excellent taste of your argument are truly admirable. I spend a lot of time on the internet, and I think I can safely say that if there were more people like you, there would definitely be a greater percentage of conversations through chat boxes that were actually genuine intellectual discussions, as opposed to vent boxes for the naturally vampiric leech-like organisms that have come to be the internet generation's main experience with activism. I do disagree with your condemnation of the writer of this article. I've seen too many anti-amish feminist hate-mongering articles with out of context quotes, along with their corresponding polar opposite, the fire-and-brimstone-threatening bible thumper articles notable for heavy use of exclamation points and a cheery 'God Bless!' at the end of a two page long speech about how feminism is the will of Satan. Frankly, this one was not that bad. And by not bad, I mean not disgustingly biased.

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Thank you. Thank you thank

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! Educated, articulate, blessed. If you don't speak more on the subject, you really should. Too many people do not look at the proper translations of words, or who was being spoken to and in what time frame. It's too much work, it's too easy for them to say "I'm the head, the Bible said it, that settles it". ...great leaders we have. Excuse my ramblings, I just wanted to say thanks.

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I bet you believe the word

I bet you believe the word "cherubims", found numerous places in the Bible, is correctly translated... even though when it was translated from Hebrew into English it should have been translated as "cherubs" because "im" is a plural suffix in Hebrew (the base word in this case being, of course, "cherub").

This is the fault of Humans for attempting to translate into English two languages (Hebrew and Greek) they did not have a working understanding of to begin with.

My point here is that so much of the Bible is mistranslated that people, of necessity, must decide for themselves it's meaning, and they will always decide it's meaning based on what they believe to be right and true. There is nothing wrong with the Amish beliefs. Their beliefs are good and no harm to anyone.

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Amish women

The Amish woman is how God created her to be... a help meet for her husband.
An Amish woman cares for her home and her family as it should be done.
She is hard working, industrious, thrifty, imaginative and creative.
She gets enjoyment from a clean home and good home cooked food that she made from scratch.
She appreciates quiet times just sitting in her rocking chair and sewing in peace.
Amish women can do many things that modern women have no idea how to do.
Important skills are being lost in the modern world, but the Amish woman can keep these skills alive.
An Amish woman adores her children, and she is there all the time to care for their needs.
She deeply loves and respects her husband and happily follows his lead.
She loves the Lord with all her heart, mind and soul and she knows the importance of loving her family and getting on well with each other.
She is gentle and feminine, softly spoken and quiet.
I think modern women could learn a huge amount from the wisdom of the Amish women.

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yeah if there brain dead

yeah if there brain dead sheep!

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"Amish Women"... very well

"Amish Women"... very well said and very true.

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...Are you a troll? Or just a born-again Christian fundamentalist?

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Amish Women

I am an English modern woman. I believe in feminism. I respect my husband and he respects me. Our decisions are made jointly. I adore my children and they are my priority. I cook and make all dishes from scratch. They taste better, are healthier for my family and economical. I do care for all of my family's needs. I am a professional woman and work full time. I garden and grow my own vegetables. I do not sew because I don't like to. My home is well cared for. I believe everyone should embrace life and live the life they choose. One is not better than another, they are simply different. Everyone should choose for themselves what is best for them and respect those choices as well as others. God loves us ALL! Yes I admit I could probably learn from Amish women, but they could learn from me as well. To believe one isn't imaginative or creative because they aren't you is simply foolish. Being proactive in the lifestyle you choose is important. I accept all people whether they are different from me or not. Variety is the spice of live. What is important is to be proactive in the life you live!

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Amish Women's Role

I totally degree! The average American family has lost sight of the "Family Unit"! They farm their children out to Daycare, Latch-Key, Babysitters, etc etc. the children are now, for the most part raised by strangers, who also instill basic morals and ethics into them. Children need and want to be home with their Mothers to teach them, and be with them so they know someone is always there for them and to love and care for them. I'm so tired of hearing how both parents have to work to provide a home an food for the family! That's not. The case. If the mother stayed home, made meals from scratch, kept a garden, didn't buy Un-necessary things, to keep up with the Jones, she could save quite a bit of money, not to mention what's paid out for Daycare etc, and be home with her family. People have become so greedy and disconnected with what is truly important in life, that I doubt they have an inkling as to what they are missing, that cannot be reclaimed.

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GeorginaJordan, you are

GeorginaJordan, you are correct and I agree with you 100%.

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What is the point of in text citations if you don't list the references?

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change is what we need

the only thing is to stop feminism is to think about God because as human being we have purpose and our creator who is God says women will be the assistance of male but nowsday it seemed like nightmare for woman to respect their male,why is this happening.

Serendip Visitor's picture


how are we to respect men when they rape, and disrespect us?

Serendip Visitor's picture

It's happening because women

It's happening because women aren't freaking inferior to men, unlike some people's beliefs....
The Bible is literally about how everyone should love and respect each other. It is not about how different genders are intended to be treated unequally, or about how women are created to be servants. In fact, that interpretation is pretty much the opposite of what the Bible says.

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Interesting article. I, for

Interesting article. I, for one, deeply respect the Amish lifestyle and many of the choices they make. Amish women, in my opinion, are a breath of fresh air.

The simple truth is that feminists are not after equality...they are after superiority. I have never known a feminist who actually wanted to be equal with a man. I have never seen a woman who actually wanted to work as long or as hard as a man or one who was willing to lay down her life in order to defend her country. That is something that has always been passed off to the men. So, in this sense, women do not have the same social responsibilities that men do, but they want the same rights and recognition.

Please consider that in seeking equality, a feminist would have to surrender all the special sex-based perks, privileges, allowances, and entitlements that are freely allocated to women in our society.

Moreover, the feminist manifesto seeks to invade male territory and dominate men on their own turf, destroy the nuclear family, yet retain all that is sacred to the sisterhood.

Is it possible that a group of people defined by sex (feminists) are able to litigate and legislate their way of life into the fabric of society? Yes. But, the question should not be whether it is a possibility, but rather if it is prudent. And to that, the answer is no. I echo the sentiments of the Amish gentleman who stated, in effect, that feminists foolishly try to make women into men. And to that I respond, "God did not make women equal with men...lawyers did."

Women are a creation set apart from men. What sort of madness lives in the minds of those driven to alter and destroy something so unique and beautiful as a woman in her pure state? It is true that women are not equal to men, nor should they aspire to be, but they can be equally valuable if they embrace The Creator's calling. May The Almighty punish those severely who try to make women into men and thus deny the beauty and purpose of their creation.

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I will make this point... If

I will make this point...

If society/civilization was to collapse tomorrow, it would be no later than the very next day that all women everywhere would be begging the men to protect them from the dangers of wild predatory animals, marauding survivalists out to rob people of anything useful for their own survival, and to go out from the safety of the caves we've all been forced to reoccupy, in order to procure the vital things necessary for the survival of ourselves and our children... and the men would do it.

I'm a woman and what I've said above is undeniable.

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I agree totally. if you want

I agree totally. if you want to be treated equally don't expect perks. Don't expect to stay home when men fight wars, don't expect to be exempted from heavylifting, don't expect not to pay on a date etc

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Shame on women? More like Shame on James'!

You say that feminists are ruining women, giving them a bad name? You're giving all people with the name James a bad name!!

1. Maybe some men don't want to win the bread for their families, maybe some girls do. Although on average men are slightly more muscular in build, Amish women are great examples of women who work hard, being farmers. They aren't submissive, and they support their family just as much as the man does. Many women work hard in Amish and Western cultures, and often it is us men not allowing them to reach their full potential in this way.

2. Yes, there are women in the armed forces. On a scale of 1 to Ignorant you are about a 9. Its because of males wanting to dominate and being more naturally aggressive than women are. War is a bad thing, so perhaps it is a positive that women are naturally less violent, yet will lay down their lives for those they love just as men do. Traditional aggressive roles weren't 'passed on' to men, they were arrogantly stolen by them.

3. Being a man has perks, just as being a women has perks. Changing gender roles in society are a result of feminism found not only in women, but ALSO IN SOME MEN WHO BELIEVE IN EQUALITY OF THE SEXES. Feminism is not defined by sex. These changing roles mean that some of the perks of social roles are being shared by men and women. Now, men like you and me are free to take some of the perks being a woman has. Likewise with women. Not that having equality even means in the first place that anybody has to give up any perks. Women can take on any responsibilities they darn well like, without YOU or your God deciding for them.

4. Men are the ones who currently occupy a majority of gender 'territory', it's only right we share it equally. Furthermore, just because someone is a supposed feminist, it does not mean that they want to 'destroy the nuclear family'. My own mother only did volunteer work and did most of the housework, but was a keen feminist who brought me up in a nuclear family. But even if I wasn't brought up in a nuclear family, that isn't even a problem in the first place.

5. You base your beliefs on belief; a belief in a supreme God. Being religious can be great, but once someone turns their religion into ideology as you have then the innocence and truthfulness of faith is corrupted. Basing something you personally believe on something others personally believe is not going to grant you truth. The whole deal with religion is that it requires faith which is often not supported by fact. Please support your arguments with facts, and not your respective religions.

6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some guys like guys, have you heard? Also, some girls like girls! Who are YOU to decide which God is superior, and who are YOU to decide how men and women have to behave and what gender they have to think is more beautiful!? May the Almighty you so heartily believe in punish you for manipulating his teachings and being prejudicial towards the women he lovingly created alongside men. You think lawyers are trying to play God? I'm not any lawyers' biggest fan myself, but your interpretation of religion is worse than what any lawyer or feminist is doing. Keep off the internet spouting your sexist nonsense; keep your supremacist values to yourself.
Regards, a sane James

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i truley respect your opinion and you have a right to it, but i have to say the facts and the facts are i know plenty of women who are currently in the amry air forces marines that are not only willing but are dying for their country and i know plenty of women who are working twice as hard as men in these factory jobs and come home and til taken carry of there children and husband. I think people in general claim that god is the judge but they constantly pass jugdement on one another. Judgement in an instinct, an opinion of another person beliefs / life style. I dont know what is right what is wrong between one culutre to the next but i believe that we are all gods people just trying to live the best way we can in this very trouble some world. Working mom's trying to take care of there children, amish women having babies to work on the farms. I think every one reads the bible and gives it there own meaning and think they have the power to run around telling another person how to live ones life. I think God is within and thats where i carry my faith not in very scripture of the bible, because even that was man made and shall not b with out fauls.

PROUD VETERAN 's picture

female veteran

I have never seen a woman who actually wanted to work as long or as hard as a man or one who was willing to lay down her life in order to defend her country. -

I would like to focus on this one statement, considering it was written in 2010. I served in the U.S. Army for 7 years as a medic and from 2008-2009 I was with the infantry doing everything they up showers, pulling hard and long nights, and walking the fine line between death or life in Iraq. So please have your facts straight before you start stating that no woman has wanted to lay down her life for her country becuase for 24 months of my life that is exactly what I was prepared to do. Additionally, while going through the hell with my fellow comrades I was the one holding the hands of the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice, so I would consider broadening your mind and intelligence before speaking again.

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Are you serious??

Right off the bat I'm going to say I am a girl. And for your comment have you actually ever met a woman? Women work just as hard as men do to support there families. Women often actually have the supporting role in their families and are the main income. 2nd they work just as long and just as hard as men they are just given less credit. 3rd many women risk their lives to defend their countries for God's sake it's against the law for woman to fight for what they believe in. Besides there is one major problem with women being able to be drafted, you don't see men getting pregnant do you? And finally just what I want to say, women are just as good as men and shouldn't be treated as second class behind men. I hope you understand I'm not trying to be a feminist I just want everyone to be treated equal no matter if you are Asian, Black, White, Mexican, man, or woman. We all are human and god loves us all.

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I have been "forced" into a male role of providing for my family...I definitely would rather have an Amish role of womanhood. As a society we want "special rights" not equal, it is ridiculous

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"I have never seen a woman

"I have never seen a woman who actually wanted to work as long or as hard as a man or one who was willing to lay down her life in order to defend her country."

Perhaps you should get out of the house more, or open a newspaper? It's obvious you aren't particularly willing to lay down your life to defend your country yourself, because if you were in the military you would have already met quite a lot of women who were.

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The Bible verses used to

The Bible verses used to subjugate women, which are found in the epistles written by the Apostle Paul, are often mistranslated from the Greek text and misinterpreted. Paul was restricting pagan women from disrupting church services, not restricting Christian women from leadership roles. Similarly, Paul was debunking a Greek myths about the superiority of women over men and the goddess Artemis keeping women safe in childbirth. Paul was trying to explain that the first woman came out of the first man, so the first man was the "head" or source of life our earthly life (as in the head or source of a river) just as Christ is the source of our salvation and spiritual life. God keeps women safe during childbirth, not Artemis. The Apostle Paul clearly states that all people are equal before God, whether Greek or Jew, male or female or master or slave. The Apostle Peter warns that evil people will misinterpret Paul's epistles and twist the scriptures to their own destruction. See 2 Peter 3:16. "Feminists" were necessary to expose the "masculinists." We all need to just need to be human beings as God created us. It is a shame that so many women turn away from the church because of false teachings. Those who twist the scriptures to oppress women do it to their own destruction. God did not intend for women to be oppressed or subjugated by men. God created men and women in his own image and blessed them both. See Genesis 1:27-28. (Male oppression of women is part of the curse resulting from sin, like weeds and poisonous snakes. It is not to be encouraged!) Husbands and wives are to love and mutually submit to each other. Many Christian denominations recognize the equality of men and women. Women are free to pursue careers and spiritual gifts as are men. Both men and women are encouraged to put their families first. (Greek ought to be a required subject in school, so people can read Paul's letters for themselves.)

With the exception of the unfortunate patriarchal system, the Amish people are to be admired for their hard work and simple way of life. The Amish women are especially to be admired for doing the best they can in spite of their oppression. Americans would do well to abandon their electronic gadgets and grow gardens and spend time with their families instead.

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Very interesting article. I

Very interesting article.
I hope it makes belligerent feminists realize that their way isn't the only way.
The key difference between Amish women and feminist women is that Amish women worship a higher power, while feminist women worship themselves.

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I'm sorry you've apparently

I'm sorry you've apparently never met a feminist, because that is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard.

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That is a completely uneducated view of both sides. Why does seeking equality mean you worship yourself?
I find it interesting that people are usually called selfish because they don't do what OTHER people want them to do.

Feminism is about choice. These people are not given a choice as to what they want to do with their lives. They are told that because they are born a certain gender, they must conform to what is demanded of them. Regardless of whether or not we think it is right, your accusation that feminists worship only themselves is as ridiculous as it is wildly general and uneducated.

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All I've ever seen of

All I've ever seen of Feminism is that it's about nothing except "females must become superior to males"..."males are all pigs"... "all males oppress all females"... "all males are part of a rape culture"... "punish all males regardless if they've done any wrongs to any females". Oh and I must not forget "bully (and in some cases even beat up) any woman who doesn't agree with Feminism". Those are the battle cries of Feminism and they prove Feminism is a movement built entirely on falsehoods, ignorance, and mental instability.

If it was truly about equality for all, it would be called Egalitarianism.

If it was about males and females using their gender-specific advantages to compliment each other and strengthen themselves as a couple, while also using their gender-specific advantages to make up for each other's gender-specific disadvantages, and doing that in order to maintain a healthy, happy home and family life so our children can be brought up right and by extension from all that have a strong, healthy, harmonious society... it would be called Complimentarianism. I believe this is what the Amish people live by. If you simply forget about God for one minute and think about Human biology you'll come to realize this is what was intended by God/Nature/whatever to be the best way to maintain the existence of the Human species and to do so in the healthiest, happiest, most harmonious way. Also, it's been proven by numerous studies conducted over the last 50 years that since Feminism came along the happiness of females in general has been steadily declining and their declining happiness has been directly linked to the changes Feminism has made in society. Which is undeniable proof Feminism is destructive to females.