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a home

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This is a picture of the EHAUS living room.  Since sophomore year, this space has been my home during the school year.  The question: “what are you choosing to foreground?” is a massive one, and the only fitting answer I can think to give it is that I’m foregrounding home.  If the foreground of this image is home, then that makes the background everything that is not home.  Given this foreground and background, the boundaries of this image are much, much larger than the four walls of the EHAUS living room.  The boundaries include everything that is home and exclude everything that isn’t.  Terra incognita?  Definitions.  I tried to delineate the difference between home and not home by using words like: safe and happy and vulnerable.  I didn’t like my definitions, so I decided not to know.  

The site I’ve decided to sit with this semester is one I know well, I visited it nearly every day of sophomore year.  My sit spot is very close to EHAUS, and in this way my image and my sit spot site are spatially related.  My site and this image are also united in definition.  I consider my sit spot a kind of home.  A different kind of home than EHAUS though.  EHAUS is where I turn to when I need to feel myself as part of a human community.  My sit spot is where I go to feel myself as part of the world.  I guess EHAUS is where I feel supported delving into myself and my relationships with other people, and my sit spot is where I go to put these experiences into persepective.