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Heads up!

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Hi guys! I was reading through Offerings to Athena tonight looking for information on my topic and I just wanted to give a heads up to those pursuing topics revolving around race (both African/African American and Asian) that there are some specific sections in the text devoted specifically to each of those subjects. So, check it out! It's on reserve in Canaday. 



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Sara, this is all so great. Thanks so much!

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I can't stop looking at these

okay wait here's another one about "negro scholorship":

it's on page 2 under the big question mark at the top right side of the page.

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for anyone looking at race at bm

so I had been looking up Perry for another class about two weeks ago, and I had been searching with keywords like race and bryn mawr. However, randomly while I was looking for something else I can across this college newspaper:

its from 1943 and has an article on the second page titled "Four Colleges Debate Problem of Negroes." It hit me that I may actually have been searching for the wrong words entirely. I then did a second search under "negroes" and a ton of BMC college newspapers came up. I haven't really picked through any of them but this might be useful for anyone doing Perry House or Race at Bryn Mawr. Also just a warning if you haven't been looking at the college newspapers yet, looking through these has been really tedious online. You kind of have to skim each page thoroughly in order to find anything.

also HSBurke this newspaper: ..... it's from 1915 and has a small blurb on the bottom half of page 4 about the "Maids library." It's not much but I'm sure there is other stuff like it that would give you a picture of a maid's life here at Bryn Mawr!

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also not sure

if the "maid's library" is a library for the maids or just a library in the maid's sitting room (which I didn't know existed!) but you'll have to read it for yourself and decide.

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tiny blurb

theres also a tiny blurb on the fourth page of this newspaper:     which asks for volunteers to conduct the "maid's vesper meetings" on sundays, which I looked up and is somewhat the equivilent to a prayer service? It would be interesting to find out more about this too!