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Giving a "tour" of Bryn Mawr

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As you go about your week, take a photo or two that you would like to share with the women @ the Cannery, so they can have a "tour" of Bryn Mawr. Please post your photos here by Wednesday at 5:00, so Barb can compile them into a form that we can use in class. To keep things manageable, we suggest one or two photos per person (it can be more, if not everyone submits a photo). We hope some of you are interested in taking up this idea!



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My Bryn Mawr :)

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I also wasn't able to take photos today due to the weather, but here is one of Thomas Great Hall that I took last year. 

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can we possibly postpone this?

just because I think its a really good idea but I don't see that many posts here and I know the weather made it inconvenient for picture taking today. If not I do have a picture to add of the sunken garden:

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I was going to take pictures

I was going to take pictures today but since it's snowing, I google image searched bmc.  If I have time, I'll go through my external hard drive and see if I have any good pics.

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Anne and Jody's offices....