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What was that movie?!

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So, due to a wonderful illness I have not been in class this week and managed to miss the discussion on Conceiving Ada. I watched the film and seemed to understand what happened, but never quite knew why. I get that the main character is trying to connect with Ada through vitual space, but I am not sure why there has to be a chronological narrative. If this woman can make a connection with a historical figure at a specific moment in time why can she not go back to that moment again? Why can she only connect with Ada at moments that happened chronologically after their last discussion?

It was interesting to see how the power struggle between genders was displayed in this movie though. Both main females were very strong in their relationships with men, yet often controlled by the women in their lives (generally their mothers).  They were a bit too strong of characters though, and I thought they both came off as over confident of their abilities. Ok, it is awesome that they are both women who excel in male dominated fields. However, this amount of success went to both of their heads and made them too cocky. I fear for the daughter that was born with Ada's memories because she is doomed to have twice the ego that either woman had. I think it is rather unfair for them to put Ada's memories into an unknowing child, who had not even had the chance to make her own memories. How long did it take her to realize that she knew things that she had never experienced? I think my biggest issues were more about the moral aspects of this movie than the physical impossibilities it showed. Then again, I think the physical and moral issues go hand in hand.



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