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Wanna do a Group Webpaper?

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So, I said a plug for my project in class on Wednesday, but I'm posting it here so y'all can get more info. I am writing a short drama piece/ play for my second webpaper. The play will also function as a skit for the panels. If anyone is interested in developing the characters and/ or skit with me, it can count as a group webpaper. If you are interested in performing one of the characters, then that is cool as well (it just won't count as part of your webpaper).  The play outline is listed below.



 MARK, 42      Social scientist; sociologist whose goal is to study how people/ culture is affected. How people respond to the crisis. Is concerned with community deterioration and development, refuses to stay away from the worse hit areas, because of his interest in doing ethnographic work first.

 PEDRO, 50     Scientist; geologist whose goal is to is to be concerned with physically restructuring the country- looking at physical evidence of radiation and water damage and perhaps health implications. He only cares about the importance of getting back to restructuring the areas worse hit so that the people who cannot afford to leave can transition faster. He is the antagonist because he thinks his science is the first step that can lead to the aid of humanism, history, and sociology.

MARY, 25      Computer/ info science; library science whose goal is to preserve this history while being sensitive to the event. Mary is very intelligent and her appearance says so.

 DAVID, 36     Humanist whose goal is to analyze justice issues and global aid. David is the protagonist as he mediates/ facilitates discuss across all group members.


 SETTING               Sitting at a round table discussing how to respond to the tsunami as part of the natural disaster response team, the characters turn on the TV breaking news and hear about the hydrogen explosion at the dai’chi plant. Then they start a new discussion about how to respond to the tsunami and the nuclear issue.


CONFLICT / THEME              How science is inflected into our daily lives- the role of natural disasters; The tsunami in Japan, nuclear radiation, role of crisis. Highlight how different sciences intersect with each other.



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