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Super super late class notes- finally found

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I greatly apologize for this late post. I have lost the document I wrote notes in -mainly because I'm still getting used to macs.. and I just managed to find it. Here it is: 


Panel: Monday March 28th-

Anne: we’re trying to have relationship with MIT course. Tomorrow 7:30 Dalton 300. Skyping on the global impact on the reproductive technology.

1st half of the class:

Liz: quantum mechanics. Think back and make notes, about:
Did you find Barad convincing? Added to the
How do you think that her work is an example of science studies.
Physics or Barad that was confusing?

Do we need to know the physics to understand the argument?
Is there significance to her doing, how the world works.

TIffany’s post
Liz: notion of those who make the classification, using Barad’s work, the decision to make a particular apparatus, seems to be in part, one needs to take it into account in order to understand the results.
How experiments turn out, and how the world it.
Tiffany: standard or measurement the world is classified is subjective because, in the video, measurements are objectives. Thinking if our world’s classification is one too subjective.

Liz: it’s not arbitrary, but subjective. How do you standardized this classification across people.You don’t get to chose it, it emerges. 
What might we mean by the world “subjective”?

Leamirella: when talking about breaking down categories. If we’re saying these measurements are not as subjective as they seems, what do we use?

Liz: Barad might say; is there a world w/o categories? If we didn’t have the entanglement we wouldn't have a world. Would agree in the way we cant have only one half, we need the 2nd half.

Liz: does it matter to us as non-scientsts? Does it matter that the world works this way?
Victoria : What do we mean by knowing?

Tiffany: when we’re talking about gender, how categories are restricting. We will never really know if there is an objective world. Depending on the measurements we observe the info we’re given.

Epistemological notation: if we think of it as  a particle, ( what we can know is totally shaped by what model comes with it) Just about how we know about it.

Anne: Appo&Sadie said, we dont need all this particle physics. You don’t need the entanglement. We are part of the world we observe, our observations alter the world we are studying. Most of us believe that, and we don’t need to know about spin up&down of the quantum to understand this idea.

Liz: what’s hard about the question?

Leamirella: why do we need to know it? Paritally because of our personal preferences. We don’t want to go through it. To have a concept so abstract, we need something concrete to relate to it. We can’t engage with it, but the only way she can put it across is through physics, because she’s more comfortable with it.

Sadie: it was hard to see it as a concrete idea, b/c it is very abstract. I dont have the concrete she has in physics. I would like to see what it has in addition to physics. Another model to understand better.

Hillary B: I do understand of entanglement, but the physics part was hard to apply with all its details.

APO: last week i said what i said. We would have found it helpful to get a handout, with glossary. it would have been easier to process it if it was structured in a different way, non-scienc-y .

Anne: i come to it from a humane beliefs. It is important to get our heads around quantum physics. She’s arguing for a kind of objectivity. Different kind of objectivity, the way the material way operates all the way to the particles. Then extract from and apply to the human world operates.  Her description of materiality on a quantum level to explain the entanglement in life is amazing.

Liz: Say we have the great idea of how to make sense of the world, she uses something familiar to her to explain it, but what she’s really doing is: trying to see what implications the material world is expanding. Not only using physics to understand it, she’s trying to find the truthful reasons, and ways. Physics is the source of it.

Liz: what connections did you find, make from Tian’s presentation & Barad:

Sadie: parallel b/w our discussion between what music is and what information is. What qualifies as music; if silence is sound, and sound is music, then what is information ? Is music information?

Anne: what is musics?

S: that’s objective. People wont like noise bands.

Liz: music needs coder and decoder.

Moving on to the panel:


Video Gamers:

Patients of Dr. Grosnell:
in mid Jan, doctor who performed abortions in Philadelphia and was arrested and accused for fake doctor’s practice and mistreatment of young women
In looking at women who sought: over 24weeks pregnant. In is notes, he indicated 24.5 weeks preg. bending the rules. (24 weeks is the legal cutoffs for abortions in PA)

24 legal clinics in PA. Why do these women would go to him? He wasn’t there most of the time. Didn't have a medical degree.
Research from the testimony; report of what he’s accused of.

Gender of women & how science and Technology- legal but how in the wrong hands that same science and tech can be extremely damaging to particular group of women. Ages 12-19yrs. group of women struggling to get the medical care. Laws and science or tech needs to change to protect the women. representing the women.

Art Students:
Wondering about the write categories. Alot of prof. artists end focusing on a particular section, manipulating tech. Students are exposed to media. Generosity: art students forced to take a writing class. Because they utilize a lot of diff tech: Photography, Cinematography, Internet. Artistic tech, 3rd arm etc. Art students and Artists, intersection between GIST.

US Immigrants:
Biological way they enter the US- DHS they’re changing security, finger prints. Keeping track of people. And then having illegal immigrants using different technologies to sneak in.
migration is looked at gender partial, but it has everything to do with gender. The person’s gender is the most single factor. Not something anyone focuses on, they only focus on numbers.

Lovelace Women’s hospital;
2009, one of the best places to work. Lower than the national average. Why were patients still chose to come to a women’s hospital ( because they’re labeled, women center) labeled sections, care of women, family, pregnancy, education of women’s health. Pt of interests, Gender (health center for women) Science ( biological women, doenst focus on transgendered) Tech (medical instruments, in health care, Info ( a lot of web base documentation) Gender design of it is very feminine, recourse focused on women.

Mainly on film interpretation of them. X-gene that causes their superhero gene. Should science and medicine be entered in their lives? gov uses media to
Tech ( uses an instrument, travel, jets)

Covert community, no obvious social such as FB. but look at comments, subscription. Interaction b/w people in ways you wouldn’t expect. A camera influences what happens- how do you interpret yourself? One fascist of who they are?
Benefits; Rebecca Black, careers start through it.
Forum for people to talk who don't necessarily have a voice.
Perspective on the gay community, give voice for people who are not able to speak.
community; both who post and who watch.

Facebook Users:
Relevant: uncomfortable by themselves. Virtual presence. Always post, if you dont, people would forget about you.
To validate people, on profile how you have your sexual orientation and status. Network on a range of levels.
Not only constant posting, also a marketing presence, in specific community. Items to sell, buying stuff online, mini craigslist on facebook.

Librarians: MS/ Library Information science
people who work in college and academic libraries.
How info is persevered, stored and conveyed, accessible to other people.
conditions they’re in.
factors: do you want o preserve form of content. Deciding if the information in the pamphlet  or itself.
Information Organization: resource types and formats. markups, descriptive metadata.
Internet school: social aspects information & tech. use it into social political aspects.
Two years. (multiple programs you can do it online) self motivation - independent program.

How do you think the idea of passing as someone else connected to Gender?

difficult on youtube, you need to use it over and over again. negotiate about labels. goes back to how you represent yourself.
all of our names are on serendip, i dont neccesarily put a face on them.
Representing one aspect of yourself. How truthful our virtual representations.
Even if you want to use your own name, you might need to tweak it a little.
I feel like it goes back to it does seems to create a personality that you’re trying to represent but that is not completely truthful.

in some VG, you get to role play, interaction with people. VG as a social networking side.

Kate: It does become a social network

pherNick: it doesn't have to. you’re playing a role. if you’re playing a character different that your gender. You are free to make your character whatever you want. You dont need to talk to anyone. (why i like it)

Hillary B: Do you think that having this online community, invested in checking for updates, is detracting of the sense of real people in real life. Who are they? ages? gender? demographic of people who are really into these things, or have their own lives outside of it.

Video Gamers: it is creating social problems. In Korea, mostly male gamers 13-17

Tiffany: content with the social life he has with his PS3. A World with VG, where if you’re in competent in certain areas in your lives, get good in one game, confident booster. A way of recreating self with characters you like. People get into it, dont take loses very easily.  A new world with its own problems.

Socioeconomic grouping between your patients. does that have to do with pricing particularly.

Isabel: suggested that part of the reason why so many women kept going, was because women were from a community that weren’t expecting to get better care.

Leamirella: its price is like a regular price. Marketed as a women’s place, we will take care of your BECAUSE you are a women.
She knows what’s like to be a women, what they want...

Anne: what motivated your question?

Dr. Grosnell: they age range, 12year old wouldn't have that much money.

He discriminated against socioeconomic issues: pain-control, depending on how much money she would pay.

PherNic: Do you know if they allow filming in the delivery room?
Leamirella: I do not know.

Anne: Connecting the two worlds.

Isabel: he would take pictures of women, claiming are for educational purposes. Made 15 year old sophomore high schooler to work after school 4pm-1am.

Kate: The presence of the Camera changes everything

Maria: not controlling, but allowing access. Controlling more to High School Middle School access, depending on what’s appropriate to the school.

Book publisher, supplier; signup for subscription with them; then make decision based on what’s being used already and what people are interested in and that goes to what materials to bring in.

Anne: Controlling access could be described as a form of power and controlling.

Sadie: discuss the role of art in society, though art may not be objective, in odd of mass culture. it exposes info and exposes people to the info. To make you think in new and provocative way about things.

Tristin Sarah in Romania, poet, artist, play writer, politician. Very active in anti-war movement WWI. used his artistry and political views to disseminate info to people that might not be able to get it.

Anne: regulating X-men & controlling?
x-men: go through rigid process, be identifiable. Hard time to get jobs.
US-immigration: illegal mutants who don’t register.

Regulation with the facebook community

Because people’s identities are specific, people are able to present a different name, gender, pictures, in transitioning. Is it you?

Anne: Regulation of us?

Apo: you, the user decides on this.






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