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post for 02/25

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Technology has shaped human life in various ways; people can travel faster, live longer, learn more effectively, etc. What I think is the most important difference that technology makes is increasing the availability of various resources, which gives humans a number of choices when making a decision; couple of examples related to gender and information that are discussed in the class evidently show such phenomena.

Reading a book or listening to a conversation used to be the only way of collecting information. With advanced technology, watching a video, listening to audio books, or having a conversation with people who are far away became very common options for collecting information. I was arguing in my previous post that the reason why people read less effectively is that they have other means to collect information other than reading; it is another compelling example showing that technology has increased the availability of resources and how it affected humans.

In terms of gender, technology has given options to people so that they could choose what type of sex organ they want to have on their body. It is even possible to regenerate virginity by surgical means.

The examples clearly show that technology has increased available resources to humans, and such high availability presented humans with numerous options to choose from when making a decision.



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