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Mid-semester evaluation

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What's working, and what needs working on, for you as an individual?

I think the amount of readings and other preparations that we have to do for the class are fair. Weekly posting seems to help to present organized thoughts that were not said during the class. I think the current system is working out fine.


What's working, and what needs working on, for us as a group (on-line, in class, in conversation and on the panels)?

It is hard to tell what is working or what is not working as a group, but I think that everyone seems to be participating fairly well and presenting thoughtful ideas.


What are you learning individually?

Personally I have learned a lot about gender diversity. The connections between gender, science, and technology are also something that I have never thought about.


What are we learning collectively?

I think we have learned that it is natural to have gender diversity in human society. However, I think we are having some mixed feelings about advanced technology.


What dimensions of gender, information, science and technology have we not yet explored?

I think it would be interesting to talk about how the topics, especially gender, are treated in different societies with different cultures.


What books or films can you suggest, which we could use to learn more about these unexplored terrains?

I do not read many books or watch many films, so I think it is better for others to make the suggestions.




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