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Hi, my name is Riki, and I tend to procrastinate. More on this later.

I've always felt attached to video cameras and the stories they allow me to tell. I used to make movies as a kid, but back then video wasn't digital so I could only edit in-camera. Fortunately for video hobbyists, video is now digital (some cameras don't even need tapes!) and practically anyone can edit with iMovie or the more advanced Final Cut Pro or Studio. Now I can easily share with the world (or just a small part of it) my mind in video-form. I have a difficult time communicating with people so I think that sometimes videos can help. I don't finish movies as often as I'd like to, but I am constantly thinking of scenes and ideas for various projects I have going on in my head, some of which I start, few of which I finish. The major limitation, then, is that producing a video takes a lot of time! And free time is something I lack as a Bryn Mawr student.

Back to procrastination. I downloaded this program called Freedom, which is supposed to help with productivity by blocking my internet access. It doesn't seem to work, but that's obviously due to my refusal to use the program. A set period of time without internet? No thanks! Given that, I'm not sure that I would be interested in experimenting with this technology during the course, especially since the course is partly online.

A technology I am interested in trying is blogging. I just started reading this blog called Effing Dykes, and it is hilarious. I don't like blogs that are all words because I quickly lose attention, but Effing Dykes is broken up with pictures and different color/style/size font. Maybe I could combine blogging with videos and make a video blog?



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