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Game-Playing Cultures in Relation to Gender and Information

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 Anyone who has ever played more than a few video games has probably noticed the hypersexualized female figures that are present in most games. Even as someone who plays videogames once in a while, I cannot help but stare at the unrealistic female bodies every time it bounces (literally) across the screen. These characters have tiny waists, round hips, never ending legs and immense breasts. Initially, these images annoyed me, as it portrays an unrealistic ideal of the female form to a wide male audience. How are women supposed to compare to these scantily clothed computer generated figures? These images provide men with information on what is the ideal female body, and supplies women with a look that they are expected to achieve. It is clear that these games are made to appeal to a mostly male audience, but now that there is an increasing number of female game players, I wonder if these female images will become more realistic to the actual typical female form. Or, as I suspect, will they continue to look the way that they do and and leave female gamers feeling insecure about themselves?



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