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Final Performance Write-up

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            For our final presentation, kgould, m.agazaarian, Oak, and I created a GIST version of the card game Apples to Apples that used, obviously, GIST-centered words. Each round, one of the players was chosen as a judge, usually by seating order, and randomly drew an adjective card. The other players would then look through their hands for the noun they felt best ‘matched up’ with the presented adjective, and put their chosen card in the middle. The judge then chose the noun they feel best ‘matched up’ with the adjective; the player who submitted the winning noun card got to keep the adjective.

            This was an interesting experiment on personal choices; our group chose which words to put on the cards, limiting the players’ choices. The players then made their own connections about which noun-adjective pairs worked best (some were literal, some were ironic, some were humorous), and the judge made his or her decisions as well. I personally was surprised by how literal most of the pairings were, since I always go for ironic pairs. Again, this shows personal choice.



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