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Final Performance Write-up

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Kgould, Oak, J.Yoo, and I decided to do a version of Apples to Apples that we dubbed "GIST to GIST." We picked a game because we wanted something that would be interactive and fun that the whole class could participate in. Apples to Apples is composed of nouns and adjectives. Each round, a judge puts down an adjective. The other players anonymously submit nouns, and the judge picks the one that has the best association, whatever that means for them.

So naturally, we picked words that we've been using all semester long.

The most helpful thing to do when compiling them was for me to go through my class notes (all on the computer) and pick out words that either our professors used or that I used in commenting about something. A quick run of some nouns we used:

  • Stigma
  • n00b
  • Meatspace
  • Tumblr
  • Goldfarming
  • Silence
  • Universe
  • Android
  • Surrogate
  • Art

Technology was our best friend and greatest failure doing this. We created card using a business card template on, but when we tried to print them on colored cardstock, it wouldn't feed through the printer properly.

I wanted to see which associations were picked out as the best, whether it was most accurate, the funniest, or the most surprising. We came up with a decent sized list of nouns and adjectives in hopes that the connections could be made as openly as possible while thinking about the categories that these words fell into. But one thing that came up during class is that these words were still ultimately picked out by us as a group. These are the words that WE found interesting or that WE thought were relevant. I am still trying to figure out if there could have been a better method of doing this, but so far I've been left with no answers.



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