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extensions and conversions

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I am so pleased to meet all of you and I am looking forward to working with you this semester.  I've been at Bryn Mawr as a faculty member for nearly 15 years.  My area of research is experimental molecular physics which involves beam machines and lasers.  Technology and its developments have driven the acquisition of new knowledge in my area.  I couldn't do my work without it.  The infusion of new tools also creates a lot of the fun of doing science.  In my work I've enjoyed immensely the combination of manipulating stuff and imagining stuff as the most rewarding mode of doing science.  The manipulation of stuff is where technology has perhaps had its biggest impact.  New technologies extend our senses and capacities, while also, focusing, isolating, making prominent, a single sense or ability.  For example, I love my tennis racket.  Such a simple extension, but one that converts my body into a ball hitting apparatus. Why love?, I guess it is the transcendent feeling of focus, clarity and purpose that gripping and swinging the racket brings.   And no, I'm not very good.  But I do enjoy it!



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