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Class notes for Wednesday, April 20

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Notes for GIST Wednesday, April 20

course evaluations

Lady Gaga album cover for “Born this Way”
- resemblance to “Tron: Legacy” light cycle (motorcycle)
- PhreNic: hot woman and motorcycle, not necessarily empowering. you ride motorcycles!
- Apocalipsis: looks dirty.
- J.Yoo: it/she will need maintenance someday

sign-up for performances

info about final portfolio

comments from MIT student about “Teknolust” postings
- he compared colors of Ruby, Olive, and Mareen to RGB colors, representing connection to digital world
- CMYK colors should have been used for Sandy, with connection to printing

m.aghazarian and the image of letter to Mary Shelley
merlin thinking about programming nano-bots for brain’s large-scale construction project

reflecting on “Bloodchild”
- Anne: when human beings are the technology/art being used, and also happen to have emotions, what happens?
- PhreNic: dehumanizing of people to technology
- Liz: issues of trust, types of technology in the future
- Anne: can you trust that which is automated? ex: can you trust your computer? can trust only happen between human agents?

divide into 4 groups to work on “visual” interpretation of “Tron: Legacy”

each group put up their image on the walls around the room

Anne: exploding distinction between human and technology
- images are the explosions

ekthorp’s group:
- real world, digital world displayed in a different form. tried to show how virtual world bleeds into the real world.

jlebouvier’s group:
- trying to portray split between virtual and real worlds. characters are in Tron suits, but in reality they are in normal clothing. tried to depict different virtual world from reality.
tangerines: half in and half out. all of us have a foot in each world.

m.aghazarian’s group:
- when technology is used for entertainment, it gets out of hand. integration of technology and humans. person with Cyborg Manifesto book. video game characters. person with dismay on her face.

rubikscube’s group:
- disc is a big concept in the movie, outline of drawing is a disc. it depict trees for real world, virtual world with buildings. but they are blurred, some half trees and half buildings. isomorphic graphs within buildings and trees represent structural equivalence between worlds.



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