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class notes April 13th

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class notes April 13th
Anne- for monday we are reading a dystopia called Bloodchild.

- also over the weekend, watch Tron Legacy. Also a dystopia.

- 10 days from now, the last Web Event is due

- Also, begin getting organized for our final Shared Activity. Perform in front of the group all that you have learned during this semester Organize yourselves into groups and perform what it is they have learned over the course of the semester. THe presentations will be between 10-15 minutes. 

- The presentations are a lot of fun but also quite diagnostic.

- Lets Take a couple minutes to reflect on our Skype conversation with Mike. 

He seemed quite eager to continue with this conversation.

Apocolypsis- skyping with multiple authors and recording it? 


Anne- any suggestions for the future?

PreNic - to take more about the reading in class with each other before skipping with the actual author.


Anne - Mike mentioned this book with Sherry Turkle called Alone Together. It has cautions about the internet, but Mike's book is more interesting. 

- There is a pretty funny interview that she did on the Colbert Report. I suggest you check that out. 

- By midnight on friday… post

- We are going to talk about Teknolust now. 

Anne - Today we're discussing a second film. it is a feminist take on frankenstein. With an unambiguously happy ending. 


Anne - The game here is for everyone to be in a small group with a computer at the center. 


1) share with group 3 observations about the film

2) prioritize those observations and pick 3 of them and post them online

3) think about details and observations and make an interpretation


--------------------------- groups are busy posting...


Liz- so lets look through the observations…

----------------------------------- (we go through the observations found on the GIST webpage)


Anne- Let's go over the difference between an observation and an interpretation…

-it's very hard for you to just make an observation!

-so let's see if you can follow the second set of instructions.


Liz- take that next step and answer the questions you've raised. The final step would be to take those meanings and recreate for yourself what the movie means in the context of this course. What could it all coherently say?

Make a posting on the second step - interpretations.



Liz- let's bring Barad back into this.  Remember, she talked about the events as being a reality and the observations that you bake of things is effected by reality and the "cut" you make. 

              - That interpretation would involve a context for further "cuts" and therefore there is a loop in the observation process.

two points-

1) in this process, you are immediately bringing in the previous theories you had. 

-given that they loop this way, it is useful to bring the observations apart because if you enter the lobo at different points, you may surface an interpretation that is brand new. Where you start in the loop matters. 


2) this process can happen to scale, depending upon what you are looking at.. a movie, a book, etc. 


looking at all of the second-round of postings….



Apocolypsis - Something we wanted to add - cyborg constantly adapting to th human model. 






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