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Feingold Gallery: Crazy Community

Feingold Gallery:
Crazy Community



The design of this gallery is aimed at encouraging conversation involving both immediate and reflective thought, individual and collective. Rather than starting by reading comments of others, please first put your own immediate thoughts in the on-line forum below. This way, we'll all be able to see how much similarity and difference there is in our initial reactions and interpretations of the images. Then go back to see what others have said about this image and add whatever new thoughts you have as a result of that. More general thoughts about the collection of images and/or this exhibit as a whole are welcome in the on-line forum on the exhibit home page.



iramalac nitsua's picture

stupid genius elitists and their bullshit

You find out the truth they call you crazy they stick you in an asylum and force medication on you. Society's best kept secret.Sssshhh. i cant say too much, i speak from personal experience.they called my mother a schizophrenic fed her medicine made her decisions and murdered her. The truth is a liars game. Study that disability. O yea, you should see my paintings. They're a secret.

Anonymous's picture

The artist embraces the

The artist embraces the belonging to others "just like us" that came before us and thankfulness for what we have in modern medicine to not live that way if possible. (That is what I see in the picture) It is a big wide picture into the reality of "us" .

Anonymous's picture

The eyes in all the picures

The eyes in all the picures are covered showing a cover up for a bigger issue. The guy in the picture is hiding behind his own beliefs not opening up his eyes to view any others. Leaving his closed minded and hopeless for a better way.

Martin's picture

A thin wall between being

A thin wall between being crazy but functional and just plain crazy... I think that is probably true in most cases. 
Ljones's picture

I'm glad she is able to draw

I'm glad she is able to draw comfort from the fact that she is not alone.
ryan g's picture

I like to last stanza of the

I like to last stanza of the poem the most.  Reminds us that people are people... no matter what.
mstokes's picture

Multiple selves

in the community of self--but walls divide this community, blindfolds obscure, both within and without.   
akerle's picture

I wonder if the last

I wonder if the last statement in this poem is ultimately how society wants to 'see' the mentally ill- a cure is a kind of socail blindness- we do not want these people upsetting a certain kind of harmony and by becoming invisible and blending in then they are automatically cured. We do not appreciate the delicate balancing act that is necessary in order for them to remain satisfactorily invisible.
kmanning's picture


An understanding and an acceptance of the self, and a realization that there are others out there with whom community is possible. However, at the same time an underlying sense of dissatistfication,  a sense that the author knows he is being judged by the "normal" community, and that somehow his "disabled" community is not quite enough...
Sophie F's picture

A sense of comfort in shared

A sense of comfort in shared experience and alienation from self and others. We all walk a fine line and are, perhaps, more connected than we know/admit.
ysilverman's picture

"Its a very thin wall that

"Its a very thin wall that divides us." Not only the artist and the subjects, but the collective us. What is the space between the community to which he refers and the community to which each human belongs?
Riki's picture

Society turning a blind eye

Society turning a blind eye to the "mentally ill", but at least they have each other.
merry2e's picture

ok, i burst into tears with

ok, i burst into tears with this one. i think i need to take a break before i look at anymore. this picture is very powerful for me, as i grew up visiting my mother who lived in psychiatric hospitals and it brought me right to....walking into the hospital when I was eight....feeling frightened yet in awe.
Laura Cyckowski's picture

There’s comfort found in

There’s comfort found in finding people who have had similar experiences. Community helps create meaning and define oneself.
Paul Grobstein's picture

Crazy community comment

Maybe we're all "crazy" and could all become a community, if we all saw each other, each in our own way, and shared that, and used it to create new ways of being.
Anonymous's picture

Wow!This picture speaks

Wow!This picture speaks directly to my soul. The poem. The pictures. Leave me in awe. I suffer from bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder and have been declared "disabled". I have not yet figured out why this is so moving but it instantly reached in a way that words or pictures alone could never be able.

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