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The Emergence of Form, Meaning, and Aesthetics

Evolving Systems:
Open Conversations

The Evolving Systems project is an exploration of  the idea that form, meaning, and esthetics are interdependent emergent characteristics of an ongoing evolutionary process originally lacking any plan, intention, of purpose.  And of the implications of such an idea for both intellectual and practical life. 

The Evolving Systems project is also itself an experiment in emergent form/meaning/aesthetics.  It seeks to bring together in interactive and parallel conversations several groups of people of diverse backgrounds and starting perspectives with the objective of seeing what new understandings of form/meaning/aesthetics emerge, individually and collectively.  For more information about the project as a whole, see Project Home Page, Overview, Background, and Starting Positions

Evolving Systems: Open Conversations

A series of biweekly face to face meetings of Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore faculty and students and other  people in the vicinity.   All interested are invited to participate. The group meets every other Thursday  at 8 am in Room 227 of the Science Building at Bryn Mawr College beginning 8 October 2009.  Short background readings and brief presentations by group participants will provide a context for the conversation at each meeting with continuing discussion via on-line forums.  An initial schedule which will be updated as the series proceeds is provided below.  

General thoughts or suggestions about the Evolving Systems project are welcome in the on-line forum at the end of the Project Home Page. More specific thoughts are welcome in on-line forums associated with most of the project pages reached from here and the Project Home Page.  To join the project, see Starting Positions, and post yours in the on-line forum there.   For further information, contact Paul Grobstein


Date Meeting Topic, Background, and Forum
8 Oct 2009

Introduction to Evolving Systems: Beyond Emergence to Agency

Paul Grobstein
22 Oct 2009 Deep Time, Deep Space, Deep Play:  Writing (to) the Future Anne Dalke

5 Nov 2009

The "Classification" Problem: Implications for Intentionality Wil Franklin
12 Nov 2009 The "Classification" Problem ... con.
Wil Franklin
19 Nov 2009 The Baldwin Effect: Intentionality in Biological Evolution? Greg Davis
3 Dec 2009 Cause and Affect: Intentionality as First Mover? Doug Blank
31 Mar 2010 Chance: Its Meanings and Implications Paul Grobstein



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