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Education levels "the playing field"? Nah....

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By the way, within this response when I refer to ‘education’, I’m referring to education that one receives within school and the classroom.

In general, I do not believe that education levels “the playing field,” even though I’ve witnessed individuals be able to overcome socioeconomic barriers and achieve that which they couldn’t before, because of advanced education. However, in these cases, the process of accessing quality education was extraordinarily difficult and they were only able to access education after getting access to resources such as financial aid organizations. In addition, organizations that help uplift certain individuals are not accessible in all areas and tend to be very competitive. I’m not sure how much good these organizations are doing in reality because I think in order for education to truly level “the playing field,” all people must be offered at the very least equal access to and quality of education. Although every person has access to public schooling in the U.S., in reality the quality of education offered at these greatly differs from school to school and not everyone has access to education that would level “the playing field” for them. Thinking more broadly, on a global scale, I would say that education definitely does not level “the playing field.” I think there’s always a possibility for someone to use their education to overcome societal barriers but there almost always needs to be something else that aids an individual. If “leveling the playing field” is in fact a goal of education, a lot would need to change for that to become a reality, not only with access and quality of education, but also with the way in which we as society and we as individuals approach education. Also, what does it really mean to “level the playing field”? Is it really possible for anything to “level the playing field” given all the different barriers that individuals face?