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Elistism, Teacher-Student Relationship and shaping our classroom.

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"Professor contact is reserved for graduate students, or undergraduate majors, or honors classes, or for students at the most costly yuniversities, where money is invented in small classes for the elite." -Ira Shor, Pg. 98

Reading this quote for the first time gave me an inkling feeling that I myself, am a secret elitist. When I think about Bryn Mawr and the relationships I have with my professors, I feel incredibly priviliged and spoiled.A prime example of these relationships is this course. We are able to spend time with the same professors, who are also getting together themselved to improve our experience witht our classes.

Which comes to full circle when reading the Ellsworth piece and she speaks about addressing the classroom and the students. With the unique experience of the 360, we, as students, are able to shape how our own information is addressed because we are able to experience different classrooms together and are able to shape and form how we interact within the classrooms. I feel that, so far, we have been given the spce to adjust our classrooms and take advantage of the time we have together. We are able to share experiences in one classroom and bring them into the next. Since we are able to talk and work through our classes together, we are able to wrok on our final outcome together. Both as individuals, as a class and as peers. Bryn Mawr has a sense of elitism but we are (hopefully) going to use this (and the 360) to enhance our semester together.