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Minecraft 10/31-10/01

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A Struggle:

Finding cows to turn my humble garden into a farm.

An Accomplishment:

I have been building up my home and creating my own space in the Minecraft world. I know have a small sustainable garden in which I grow wheat to make bread to feed myself so I don't starve to death.

An Observation:

I noticed that another student in the class built her entire empire using glass and other tools I was not familiar with. It seemed like she had done an amazing job laying out her space in the game world and it looked something next to amazing. I was a bit envious coming from a home with a 2 layered stone wall and no roof but when I asked her in class how she was able to do it, she told me to check the wiki and she gave me other tips. When I tried that and it didn't work, I asked her if I could trade her some wheat for a cow because I couldn't find any in the world that weren't hers and she said yes. Something I mentioned in an earlier post was how lonely the game world felt. There isn't a real efficient way to communicate with someone in the game but when I saw the students' home and talked to her about it in person, she said it was totally okay to make that trade for wheat. This made me feel somehow less alone in the game world because although that vital communication factor was missing from the game, I could still interact with those personas in real life and maintain that sociality. Hopefully that makes more sense than I think it does.

A Question:

What are some goals that other people are currently working on in the game?