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Curriculum Development Proposal

Donna Morris's picture

As a result of me being a participant in The Brain and Behavior Summer

Institute 2007 I am submitting the following curriculum proposal:

I would like to do a Girl's Self Esteem Group,where they can tell there stories

and get the needed skills and concepts to enhance self esteem ,

assert themself effectively and hopefully change their stories .

This will help reduce the level of shame, guilt, and isolation.

The girls will learn coping skills and behaviors for

expressing and realizing their full potential.

The class will include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Esteem Concepts
  • Techniques for expressing needs
  • Skills for dealing with criticism
  • Techniques for handling bullies
  • Goal Setting  
  • A Parent Piece        


                 The stories that the girls tell in their journals and how they change over time.

                 Feedback from Parents and Teachers

  Materials :
                Self Esteem Workbook for Teens by Anita Bohensky - $54.00

                Recovery from Depression a Workbook for Teens by Mary Ellen Copeland - $50.00

                Television with DVD - $150.00

                Journals - $20.00

                Dove Self Esteem Kit - free