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joy and social media

Thanks for posting this, Hannah.  The question of joy, while funny here in the Onion text, is actually quite important by my lights.  How is social media becoming obligation, work, stress . . . and how would centering it in joy change it?

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Also interesting to think

Also interesting to think about: if joy and happiness are so often achieved through "living in the moment," can we really expect facebook to bring us joy when we use it as a way to stop still in time and adjust our identities?

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Hunger Games screening

In case you haven't seen the Hunger Games, it looks like it will be screened for free on Saturday by the Bryn Mawr Film Series:

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Course Guide

Hello everyone,

I have created a course guide for this class to help you find sources for your assignments... it should be helpful particularly with your annotated bibliography.  Check it out here:

Looking forward to meeting you all this week...

- Olivia

(Social Science Librarian at Bryn Mawr College)

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I started exploring the guide and it's awesome.